Treatment of the month

Neville Nail Art Gel Manicure

We wanted to share our favourite service with you. Right now, we are loving the Nail Art Gel Manicure! It's our most popular treatment with clients and is customisable for all.

Reasons we love Nail Art:

  • There are endless variations and colour combinations possible
  • It's become the new emblem of femininity
  • A simple way to express yourself
  • It sparks conversation
  • It's art

See some of our favourite looks to date:

The Dotted Reverse French Manicure for a natural but feminine look.

The Colour Block French Manicure is a new twist to the classic french manicure and can be a great way to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

The Minimal Dot Nail art is the perfect initiation to nail art and the perfect alternative for those who love a nude base.

Graphic Details are this season's boldest look!
The contrasting colours guarantee to get heads turning in your direction.

If you want to try this treatment for yourself, book yours today: