Sparkle at Neville’s

Sparkle at Neville’s.


5 regular polish manicures for £190 and get the 6th one on us.

and/ or

5 Junior blowdries for £150 and get the 6th one on us.

Offer valid until end of February 2021.

Whilst most years normally fly by, 2020 has been rather different. Many of us are still trying to understand what this “party season” will consist of … One thing is sure, we hope to dazzle from the waist up regardless of the circumstances. At Neville, we believe that even the most intimate of gatherings deserves the very best of beauty. Fearless haircuts, show stopping colour and knockout nails are the ultimate mood lifter, we all SO deserve.

To help you on your way, we’ve pulled together the ultimate treat.

You can now book 5 regular polish manicures for £190 and get the 6th one on us.

and / or

5 junior blowdries for £150 and get the 6th one on us.

Not sure you’ll make it to slopes or the sunshine this year, not to worry no one will judge you if you don the perfect manicure and blowdry for another night on the couch, quite the contrary!

Booking in advance is advised due to social distancing requirements. Packages can be bought via our reception team on 0207 235 3654.

Ready, Steady, Book!

*Offer available until 28th February 2021.

Neville welcomes Body Therapist Sana

Neville Hair and Beauty Body Therapist Sana

Neville Hair and Beauty has a new talent, Body Therapist Sana who has been toning the ladies of London for 20 years. Her edge is her body layering approach and knowledge of the holistic, which she entwines with Venus Freeze and cutting edge Endospheres to perform a ‘workout’ for the skin.

Anyone suffering from quilted skin tone, skin laxity around the torso and arms, fluid retention, heavy legs, unsightly veins - these are medical conditions that we shouldn’t suffer from. Certain technologies, especially ones that suck/pull the skin, can improve patients’ cellulite but, at the same time, they aggravate any superficial vascular lesions, known as varicose veins or spider veins. With Sana’s holistic knowledge, she has created a unique combination to heal skin back to its healthiest, fittest state.

Kick starting with the warming Venus Freeze that involves radio frequency and magnetic pulses. Likened closely to a hot stone massage, it stimulates collagen and elastin fibres from inside out works on smoothing and tightening skin. Then Sana moves onto the Endsopheres. She is one of the first therapists in London to work with Endospehres.

This system is being recognised for its incredible results with Superficial venous insufficiency, which is a chronic and progressive illness that affects around 20% of Western adults. Endospheres Therapy is a treatment that uses a Compressive Micro-vibration system to improve lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation and help restructure connective tissue.

The treatment uses a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres that generate low-frequency mechanical vibrations and it used to improve the appearance of cellulite, skin tone and laxity as well as reduce fluid retention. It can be used on the face and the body. The most popular areas for Endospheres treatments are the thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

To polish off this incredible treatment, Sana turns to her powerful hands with her manual movement massage heightened by her Peppermint Oil to infuse sluggish skin.

Many clients are referred to Sana post-surgery, strokes, vascular problems, lymphedema and liposuction. Sana devotes her knowledge to clients' health and improving body skin tone. She has legions of clients who follow her around London and now is being flown to clients' summer holiday dwellings, so they keep the fit skin she has manually created post a Rosado filled night!

For more information call us on 0207 235 3654 or Email

Mother’s Day offering 💗

Mother's Day is a special day because it gives us the opportunity to thank female role models and motherly figures for the many great things they do.

Treat your Mum (or role model) this year with some pamper time at Neville Hair and Beauty.

The Perfect Mother's Day gifts! 💝

THE QUICK FIX - £45.00

Ideal for primped and primed busy bees in need of a lunchtime pick-me-up or pre-dinner upgrade in under an hour.

Time: 40 Minutes

Package details: Paint & Shape and the Need-It-Now Blowout


The ultimate beauty MOT! The overhaul that will leave you groomed and gleaming from head to toe.

Time: 3.5 hours

Package details: ½ head highlights, cut & blowdry, manicure and pedicure.

Neville Gift Vouchers

Buy £100 worth of vouchers and receive an additional £10 voucher on us.

Offer valid per transaction*

The Neville Blowdry Package

Our wonderful blowdry package is the gift that keeps on giving.

So why not surprise your mum with a prolonged feel-good factor and gift her 5 Junior blowdries for £150 and get the 6th one on us.

Introducing Hair Growth Mesotherapy


The Renée Lapino Clinic present their latest post-lockdown treatment: Hair Growth Mesotherapy.

You're already stressed out of your mind due to what feels like the actual apocalypse, but Hair loss seems to be on the increase perhaps due to all these recent stresses and a knock-on effect if you have suffered from Covid. At Neville’s we have witnessed a surge with more and more clients complaining of clumps of hair falling out on a daily basis.

With our clients at the forefront of everything we do, Leading London skincare specialist Renee Lapino who now heads up the beauty floor within the salon has launched her Hair Growth Mesotherapy.

Renee Lapino has a regenerative hair treatment that is completely painless and uses a mesotherapy pen to inject hair growth serum into the scalp all without needles: just air pressure. The serum is an advanced formula containing amino acids, vitamins and minerals that “awaken” dormant hair follicles, stimulating a reaction that includes new baby hair growth as well as the thickening of the hair at the scalp.

After injection, the treatment concludes with a 10-minute Champissage, or better known as an Indian head massage, to increase blood flow and stimulation to the scalp, boosting the hair renewal rate.

There is no downtime, and this treatment takes 30 minutes. The recommendation is 3-6 treatments and results will develop over 8-16 weeks.

Before and after treatment

Winter skin Care

Top tips by Renee Lapino

The onslaught of cold, dry air outside and warm, dry air inside is the perfect recipe for a skin disaster. By December, many of us are facing dry, red, inflamed, chapped complexions.

To cover all your bases, prep your home with a cool humidifier or two - the bedroom and living area are where you usually spend the most time. Make sure to add a fish oil or Omega supplement to your diet if you haven’t already.

Use an oil cleanser. It will deep clean, and hydrate simultaneously. Massage your oil into dry skin for 1-3 mins, emulsify with water, and then remove with a warm damp muslin cloth to help remove the dead skin cells making the surface look worse.

Then slather on a Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidant serum. NeoStrata TriTherapy Lifting Serum is a favourite, which we post out to over half our patients every November! HA causes the water in your skin to stick to the skin cell, which plumps up the cell and gives you more moisture on the surface. Antioxidants protect you from environmental and UV damage. The cloud cover will be working overtime to magnify damaging rays, so protection is key. I use Allies of Skin Peptides and Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment every morning from September through March.

Use creams, not lotions, at night. Glycerin creams are a great support for chapped skin, as they too draw moisture from the body to the surface. Ceramides aid in the prevention of the skin’s barrier, which is easily broken down during the winter, so they’re another good call in the prevention of winter woes. NeoStrata Skin Active Dermal Replenishment Cream does it all, and we can send it out for next day delivery, so you can start on it instantly!

Winter Skin Treatments that we swear by - and have ourselves - include the Holistic Facial, Clean & Calm, which deep cleans the skin, calms with personalized products applied throughout a 20-minute facial massage, and a hydrating mask to have you walk out the door instantly dewy and glowing. I also love the Bright & Tight facial with our Head Therapist, Chloe Proud. It utilizes many of the holistic facial steps, but also has the benefit of Radio Frequency to tighten and lift the skin, and a hydrating sheet mask with LED Light Therapy.

Just a few key changes will have you facing the Holidays with a dewy glow!

Pregnancy and Probiotic Facials

Pregnancy and Probiotic Facials at the Renee Lapino Clinic

We know a lot of you who have been growing a bump in 2021 and the Renée Lapino Clinic is here for your skin every step of the way!

The Renee Lapino Clinic's Pregnancy Facial uses live pre- & probiotics to reduce breakouts and ensure glowing skin. Neck massage, steam, extraction and a nourishing bump mask are just some of the lush relaxing elements of this facial - because growing a human is hard work!

Not Pregnant? Slightly tweaked, it's called the Probiotic Facial.

All traditional holistic elements such as steam, extraction, lymphatic drainage and Gua Sha massage are included in this treatment, alongside products which all contain organically sourced pre and probiotic ingredients. The team have also added the newly created Live Probiotic Mask to reverse the signs of aging and ensure smooth, glowing, breakout-free skin immediately after treatment, and for many weeks beyond.

This treatment is ideal for aging complexions, dull, congested skin, and frequently recommended for easily irritated, sensitive and reactive skin types.

For more information about these treatments, please email

Summer Slim & Shine

ace and Body treatment at the Renee Lapino Clinic

The Renee Lapino Clinic has created a "Summer Slim & Shine" Treatment package available to book until August 13th.

"Summer Slim & Shine" has been designed for those wanting to take care of their skin and body during the summer, without the commitment of multiple treatments or downtime.

Enjoy a 1-hour session of a simultaneous body treatment and facial pampering for only £239.

Upon arrival at your appointment you will be placed in the Body Ballancer, a lymphatic drainage suit that helps reduce bloat and water weight whilst boosting your energy, smoothing cellulite and drain your lymph nodes. Whilst the Body Ballancer works its magic, you will enjoy a deep double cleansing massage facial, followed by radio frequency to tighten, lift and glow. An enzyme peel will then be applied, followed by LED light. There is no downtime for this facial and no redness afterwards, making it the perfect package to treat both skin and body this summer.

For more information or availability please email

Neville introduces The Alpine collection

Gstaad Guy and Jack at Neville

The Alpine Collection by Gstaad Guy

We are thrilled to announce we are now the proud stockist of the The Alpine collection by Gstaad Guy.

At Neville we share the same core values, which combine luxury, quality and high performance, as the Gstaad Guy and the Organic Pharmacy, who developed the Alpine Collection. Whilst developing the range, the Organic Pharmacy carefully selected the finest ingredients to go into the products, as well as the best, most sustainable materials to package them. The result is a product which is good for both you and the planet. The Gstaad guy is committed to standing for what is right, using what nature has to offer in order to create the best possible product.

Alpine Face Wash Fresh + Invigorating

Shop here

A brilliant non foaming cleanser that delivers invigorating and thorough cleanse without stripping your skin, for glowing and healthy-looking skin.

This sweet-scented Alpine Face Wash rinses clean without residue without dying or irritating even sensitive skin. The carefully formulated organic ingredients work in synergy to effectively refresh and revitalise the skin without disrupting its natural oils or stripping it of moisture.


Alpine Moisturiser Revive + Revitalise

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Light and airy, this moisturiser absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished, revitalising and replenishing both body and mind.

Revive your skin with Gstaad Guy X The Organic Pharmacy Alpine Moisturiser, a light yet effective hand and body lotion supplying powerful antioxidants, herbs and vitamins including intensily nourishing shea butter and calendula, as well as sweet orange oil to help deliver smoother and softer skin.


Alpine Hair serum Replenishing + Sensuous

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This gorgeous blend of natural oils absorbs quickly to instantly hydrate without leaving hair or skin greasy.

Our Alpine hair serum not only replenishes hair’s moisture. Suitable on face, body and hair this gorgeous blend of natural oils instantly hydrates without leaving skin greasy. Light and airy, this serum absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished, revitalising and replenishing both body and mind.


Treatment of the month

Neville Nail Art Gel Manicure

We wanted to share our favourite service with you. Right now, we are loving the Nail Art Gel Manicure! It's our most popular treatment with clients and is customisable for all.

Reasons we love Nail Art:

  • There are endless variations and colour combinations possible
  • It's become the new emblem of femininity
  • A simple way to express yourself
  • It sparks conversation
  • It's art

See some of our favourite looks to date:

The Dotted Reverse French Manicure for a natural but feminine look.

The Colour Block French Manicure is a new twist to the classic french manicure and can be a great way to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

The Minimal Dot Nail art is the perfect initiation to nail art and the perfect alternative for those who love a nude base.

Graphic Details are this season's boldest look!
The contrasting colours guarantee to get heads turning in your direction.

If you want to try this treatment for yourself, book yours today: