Get The Glow

Renee Lapino Clinic

2021 is finally opening up, and we have noticed a surge in weddings and nuptials that were delayed from 2020.

The continuous lockdowns have made wedding prep even more necessary as brides feel the need to ready their skin, hair and nails ahead of the Big Day.

To celebrate the return to near normality, the Renee Lapino Clinic has specifically designed a pre-wedding facial appropriately named the Diamond Facial. This can be done anytime between two weeks to three days before the wedding. The Diamond Facial is a non-invasive treatment with 0 redness and 0 downtime designed for brides and uses exfoliation and NuEra warm soothing radiofrequency to stimulate collagen. You can expect an enhanced glow within one day that will continue to improve over 7 days.

The Renée Lapino clinic also offers a Lip-de-la-crème Mesotherapy treatment to compliment the Diamond Facial. This is another non-invasive and more natural option for your lips. This needle free treatment uses air pressure to inject pure hyaluronic acid into the lips, promoting hydration and slight plumping with a pinky pout that will last 6 weeks.

Wedding prep kits are also available post facial, which include professional products such as hydrating sheet masks and emergency pimple protection to ensure you are prepared and feeling your absolute glowing best!

  • Diamond Facial: £250
  • Lip-de-la-crème: £195
  • Wedding prep kit: £30

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