Pregnancy and Probiotic Facials

Pregnancy and Probiotic Facials at the Renee Lapino Clinic

We know a lot of you who have been growing a bump in 2021 and the Renée Lapino Clinic is here for your skin every step of the way!

The Renee Lapino Clinic's Pregnancy Facial uses live pre- & probiotics to reduce breakouts and ensure glowing skin. Neck massage, steam, extraction and a nourishing bump mask are just some of the lush relaxing elements of this facial - because growing a human is hard work!

Not Pregnant? Slightly tweaked, it's called the Probiotic Facial.

All traditional holistic elements such as steam, extraction, lymphatic drainage and Gua Sha massage are included in this treatment, alongside products which all contain organically sourced pre and probiotic ingredients. The team have also added the newly created Live Probiotic Mask to reverse the signs of aging and ensure smooth, glowing, breakout-free skin immediately after treatment, and for many weeks beyond.

This treatment is ideal for aging complexions, dull, congested skin, and frequently recommended for easily irritated, sensitive and reactive skin types.

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