Introducing the Shag Haircut

Introducing the Shag Haircut By Domenico Casella

Neville Hair and Beauty ever the salon with a vision on trestle trends have created the Sloane Shag celebrating the era when the likes of Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger, the original shag queens wafted down the King Rd in the 70s when the Kings Rd was a mecca to the coolest creative crowd.

The Sloane Shag which can only to be found at Neville Hair and Beauty is the 70s-meets-modern shag haircut which oozes a touch of Belgravia edge.

The layers, the disconnected pieces framing the face, the subtly tapered ends and fuller crown, the long curtain bangs or sometimes even full fringe — without losing significant length, it promises a refreshing, simultaneously soft yet edgy change for hair that's gone a bit shapeless.

It’s rebellious and channels your inner rockstar. But is your hair Sloane Shag worthy?!

Domenico Casella, Neville’s Top Stylist comments the Sloane Shag is a great option for so many hair types especially curly. "If you find that your best texture is hidden beneath a blanket of surface wavy layers, it might be time to shorten them up." He explains that layering that connects throughout a shag cut can free up the texture by removing weight in varying sections of your hair and release the tension that contributes to straighter or flatter areas.

Whilst the Sloane Shag is best on curly hair, Domenico has created a suitable shag for all lengths and types of hair.

  • On short hair, it will give you more of a choppy look and work best on thin or fine hair.
  • For medium-length hair, it’s perfect for women with rounder faces.
  • For long hair, adding lots of layers works great for women with thick hair and can go for a more feathered look.
  • For naturally curly hair, it’s a nice way to freshen up your locks and loose the frizz.

If you are looking for a Shag but don’t want to follow the crowd, the Sloane Shag is just what you need.