Neville Salon create the hair Look for Antonio Grimaldi SS17

How to achieve the look:
  • Prepare the hair with L’Oreal pli and blow dry straight.
  • Take a section from centre eye straight back finishing slightly wider on both sides.
  • Split section in two horizontally across crown.
  • Tie back section into high slick pony and fix with elastic.
  • From left section scalp braid upwards towards the pony and fix with elastic to the pony tail.
  • Recreate the same braid on the right-hand side but continue the braid through length and secure with elastic.
  • Clip remaining length of braid away until necessary.
  • With remaining top section take a two cm horizontal piece and back comb to cover pony tail.
  • Smooth with pin tail comb and secure with fix design and dry with diffuser.
  • Continue with remaining hair as per previous step excluding back combing.
  • Diffuse dry and flat.
  • Take remaining braid from step 6 and pin over the top of the pony and back underneath length from top.
  • Secure with fine pins.
  • Finish off the look with Fix design to tidy up any stray hairs to get a nice glossy finish, diffuse dry.