Endo Freeze

Endo Freeze with Sana at Neville Hair & Beauty

The Neville Beauty Floor has a new talent, Body Therapist Sana, who has been toning the ladies of London for 20 years. Her edge is her body layering approach and knowledge of the holistic, which she entwines with Venus Freeze and cutting edge Endospheres to perform a ‘workout’ for the skin.

Anyone suffering from quilted skin tone, skin laxity around the torso and arms, fluid retention, heavy legs, unsightly veins - these are medical conditions that we shouldn’t suffer from. Certain technologies, especially ones that suck/pull the skin, can improve patients’ cellulite but, they aggravate any superficial vascular lesions, known as varicose veins or spider veins. With Sana’s holistic knowledge, she has created a unique combination to heal skin back to its healthiest, fittest state.

Kick starting with the warming Venus Freeze that involves radio frequency and magnetic pulses. Likened closely to a hot stone massage, it stimulates collagen and elastin fibres from inside out, works on smoothing and tightening skin. Then Sana moves onto the Endsopheres. She is one of the first therapists in London to work with Endospehres.

This system is being recognised for its incredible results with superficial venous insufficiency, which is a chronic and progressive illness that affects around 20% of Western adults. Endospheres Therapy is a treatment that uses a Compressive Micro-vibration system to improve lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation and help restructure connective tissue.

The treatment uses a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres that generate low-frequency mechanical vibrations and is used to improve the appearance of cellulite, skin tone and laxity as well as reduce fluid retention. It can be used on the face and the body. The most popular areas for Endospheres treatments are the thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

To polish off this incredible treatment, Sana turns to her powerful hands with her manual movement massage heightened by her Peppermint Oil to infuse sluggish skin.

Many clients are referred to Sana post-surgery, strokes, vascular problems, lymphedema, and liposuction. Sana devotes her knowledge to the client’s health and improving body skin tone. She has legions of clients who follow her around London and now is being flown to clients' Summer holiday dwellings, so they keep the fit skin she has manually created.

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