Jack Merrick Thirlway heads the WHITE SHOW 2022


The White Show is an annual showcase in December where each first-year fashion design student at Central Saint Martin’s creates a single look in white fabric. A greatly anticipated event of the first term, it is one of the longest running projects on BA Fashion at the college and is conceived, organised and promoted by first year students on BA Fashion Journalism & Communication. This year the theme was @theplayground_22J (experimental, sensory, surreal, playful, strange, graphical)

L’Oréal Professionnel Paris have an ongoing partnership with Central Saint Martin’s supporting creative young design talent, and this year invited hairstylist Jack Merrick-ThirlwayJ at Neville Hair & Beauty to create the hair looks and lead the @lorealproJ hair-team to style the hair for all 140 students who each modelled one look. The team included three @lorealpro ID Artists who take part in a two-year education and development program for talented hairstylists.

  • Jack Merrick-Thirlway/Neville Hair & Beauty
  • Amelia Circale/Yoke the Salon
  • Alex Anfield/Linton & Mac
  • Elisa Doherty/Sally Montague
  • Gokhan Berber/Neville Hair & Beauty
  • Phoebe Carraro/Seanhanna
  • Samantha Thacker/Mack Hairdressing
  • Stephen Campbell/Hair & Co
  • Vishali Visavadia/Georges Hairdressing

Lead stylist Jack Merrick-Thirlway shares how to get the look:
As the theme was the Playground we had a combination of some simple looks with a strong parting and gelled back at the sides to compliment more complex garments, and more abstract graphic shapes to enhance simple garments, with multiple little knots, looped ponytails and gelled tendrils.

For the simpler look, put in a strong centre parting slick back the sides using L’Oréal Professionnel Techni.Art Fix Design. For models with longer hair, spray Techni.Art Full Volume Mousse through the lengths and brush well and diffuse to keep the texture and shape. For those with natural texture, spritz with Curl Expression curl reviver and style to enhance the shape and use Curl Expression 10 in One mousse to smooth back around the face.

For the boys, we kept the strong centre parting and gelled back the hair to give a clean slightly quirky silhouette

For the more graphic updos, spritz the hair with water and put in a strong centre parting. Then spray the sides with Tecni.art Fix Design and Techni.Art Full Volume mousse through the lengths. Brush it back into a smooth ponytail and secure with elastic. Straighten the lengths and flatten using tongs, then loop the lengths around and secure with elastic so the ends are facing up, spray and tong the ends to give a spikey finish. Alternatively divide the hair into sections, brush up and secure each section with elastic and twist the length into a little knot and secure to create multiple little knots.

Shorter hair can be worn slicked back, following the contour and shape of each model’s face, with some fringe pieces pulled across the forehead.

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