Neville Launches the Herbal Hair Remedy

Neville Launches the Herbal Hair Remedy

Locking youth into our hair is just as tricky as it is the skin. Youthful hair relies on our hair being at its healthiest. We all yearn for soft hair with a sheen. To achieve this naturally is an added bonus ad now you can at Neville Hair and Beauty offer a natural cure for hair cuticles and shaft through an herbal hair ritual using the most organic of ingredients.

Italian Hair Healer and Senior colourist at Neville Hair and Beauty, Domenico Casella adores herbology. Ever the advocate of all things natural and organic, Domenico looked into “Officinal” herbs, which consists of plants and herbs used to create medicinal remedies, perfumes and cosmetics, to concoct the perfect treatment, suitable for all hair types, for very dry and stressed hair.

Dry hair can be the result of the imbalances inside and outside our body but most of the time this problem is related to environmental origins. For many people and in particular for women dry hair can be a big aesthetic problem because its dryness effect gives to the hair an unpleasant “straw effect” which gives a neglected feeling to it.

Designed to bring back youth, hydration and moisture to hair, the Neville Hair and Beauty Herbal Hair Ritual is a 4-step treatment by Philip Martin’s made from marshmallow, mountain arnica, soya, barley, Asiatic pennywort, all known for their glowing, nourishing, moisturizing and soothing properties.

  • Step 1: Domenico blends the herbs with hot water, until he reaches a creamy texture and then adds some Philip Martin’s Macadamia oil before blending the mix together.
    *For virgin hair Domenico excludes macadamia oil from the blend.
  • Step 2: After having washed the hair and towel dried it, Domenico applies the treatment all over the roots, lengths and ends at the wash station.
  • Step 3: He applies clingfilm over the treatment and places the client under the Climazon for 30 minutes to maximise absorption.
  • Step 4: Domenico then rinses the treatment and proceeds with a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

The result is an incredibly silky and glossy finish which lasts for days.

Price starts from £100 for short hair and £150 for long hair.

NB: The treatment requires a patch test.

Before and After Herbal Hair Remedy
Before and After Herbal Hair Remedy

The importance of investing in your hair

Delilah Belle for Pheonix Magazine. Hair by Jack Merrick Thirlway

Delilah Belle for Pheonix Magazine. Hair by Jack Merrick Thirlway

In a time of uncertainty like today with an impending recession, wars, debt crisis, inflation, energy and food shortages, as well as a disrupted supply chain, holding on to our hard-earned cash is a priority for most.

Choosing where and how to invest has become a necessity and a reality that applies also to our beauty routine.

I have been working in the hair and beauty industry for over 20 years and have noticed over that time frame, that beauty consumers invest in the service (whether it be a good colour or hair cut) but then fail to invest in the routine that will permit them to maintain and extend the lifespan of their hair investment.

Whether it’s picking up a supermarket shampoo or skipping the much-needed maintenance conditioning treatment out of ease or lack of time, we omit that these actions have drastic consequences to our hair and counter the effects of the initial investment.

In a world where we are buying the correct products for our cashmere sweaters to maintain its quality and softness, why do we not have the same approach to hair?

Take supermarket products for example, which are often white labelled, they are cheaper for sure, but the quality of active ingredients in these products are poor. In order to nourish the hair, it’s important to use products which are catered to your hair type but are also dense in active ingredients. The more active ingredients your shampoo contains the more expensive the product will be. It’s important to remember that you should treat your hair with the same care and attention as you would your skin. Ultimately, you need a product that repair the hair from the inside out as opposed to just coating the hair shaft. You will also notice that when using a better-quality product of superior quality, you won’t need to use as much of the product and will notice that your hair will improve vastly over time.

I often think of supermarket products as band-aids for the hair, they cover the scar, but they don’t really help diminish it. Amongst the best active ingredients on the market, I favour macadamia, aloe Vera and pro-vitamin B-5 amongst others. These help the internal structure of the hair by restoring strength, elasticity and shine, which are vital components of healthy hair. The ingredients we should avoid at all costs are formaldehyde, methylene and sodium chloride, I call them hair-nemies.

With that in mind, at Neville Hair and Beauty we have created a bespoke 3-step approach to help you get the best out of your hair.

Begin your haircare journey with one of our experts. Choose your preferred time and we will pair you with the stylist that best suits your needs.

Read about our personality matchmaking technique here.

During your conversation, your stylist will get a better understanding of your concerns and goals and will also assess your hair in order to provide you with a bespoke plan for your best hair yet.

We understand first hand that in order to achieve your full hair potential your goals need to be set together. When designing the haircare plan, your stylist will take into consideration lifestyle, budget and hair requirements, including aftercare, so that you can enjoy the results in a set time frame.

Let us not forget that if you go to your trusted stylist, they know your full hair history and will take all these factors into consideration when recommending the best course of action for you.

Most people believe that hairdressers try and sell you products because they are asked to, but the reality is that using the correct products on your hair makes their job a lot easier, but not only, yours also.

When I investigated why many clients choose not to buy products in the salon, it came to my attention that is down to a lack of transparency in pricing. Savvy clients rightfully say that they could buy the same products on platforms like Amazon or Look Fantastic at a lower price. Unfortunately, what people don’t realise is that prices are imposed to us by the brands, who then hold different deals with different platforms, hence the favourable rates to big buyers.

To tackle the complexities of pricing and maintain a certain level of transparency, at Neville Hair and Beauty we have decided to offer our clients an affiliates format on our e-commerce. The term affiliate is used primarily to describe a business relationship wherein one company owns less than a majority stake in the other company's stock. On this occasion we decided to partner with Amazon, to ensure and guarantee our clients with the most competitive pricing on the market.

And with that in mind, you can transform frustration with reassurance next time your trusted stylist recommends products that they know will work with your hair. They really do have your best interests at heart. For them it’s vital that you can replicate that feeling of wellbeing at home too.

Neville Hair and Beauty introduce the Chelsea Cut

Leila with The Chelsea Cut

The Chelsea Cut

The Chelsea cut at Neville Hair and Beauty lasts for much longer than the life-span of a butterfly! This cut offers more than just a re style - the cut is a health cut for hair, giving you an opportunity to refresh lifeless hair but without taking away the length.

Also, if you are stuck in a hair rut but want to spread your wings by adding some Va-Va-Voom the Chelsea cut is for you. The cut is a versatile layered hairstyle.

Neville Hair and Beauty stylists are famed for taking a slice of hair history and refreshing it with a modern edge. The Chelsea cut is a nod to the 90s shag but a versatile cut, where the layers are placed to flatter the shape of your face. The Chelsea cut frames the face but also adds some youth and volume.

The Chelsea cut is carried out using the Thermal Scissors System, a revolution in hairdressing and hair cutting. The state-of-the-art Thermal Scissor System is the hair hero. By cleverly warming the blades, the natural qualities of the hair are preserved by sealing the ends.

Permed, bleached and treated hair can all have a slice of this new scissor action and will be totally transformed into healthy hair.

This cutting tool provides a two-pronged attack. You receive a superb Neville Hair and Beauty cut with the knowledge your hair is being treated to a new type of cut, that will heal your hair for good.

The beauty of this cut is that it can be adapted to both long and short lengths and does not compromise the length, so not drastic but more dashing. . A total win-win.

Jack Merrick-Thirlway, Creative Director at Neville Hair and Beauty explains: The Chelsea Cut is a great way to give your hair shape, movement and versatility, without losing length. The most important factor of any haircut is the shape that cuts around the face as this determines whether the look suits or not. The Chelsea cut really is about the face framing layers that we then use to choose layer length and base length to create balance for the overall look.

Leila with The Chelsea Cut
Leila with The Chelsea Cut

Images courtesy of Leila Kashanipour.

Silk Press

Silk Press by Kash Bishop

Whether curly or coily in its most natural state, fashioned into protective braids or twists, or restyled with wigs, the flexibility of textured hair holds no bounds. Where straightening texture hair previously called for potentially harmful chemical relaxers, a newer, more natural technique is surging in popularity, the Silk Press Treatment. The best part? The results are similar, but damage is minimal.

What is a silk press?
To have the option of going straight in a safe way is game-changing. The silk press is a method of hair straightening used on textured hair, which ensures an incredibly smooth and silky finish. The total game changer is that no chemical relaxers are needed and will last as long as you keep your hair away from water, steam or sweat. Using Keracare’s three-step thermal wonder system – which is designed for silk press treatments – texture hair specialist Kash Bishop pre-preps hair with the conditioner, washes it out with the moisturising shampoo, then applies the sealing heat protectant to towel-dried hair.

A silk press is vastly different from the hair scorching torture where hair was left stiff as cardboard. Silk Press is far gentler and more detailed, as each section is straightened in small pieces using a special method which includes slow passes and a paddle brush to further detangle leaving hair soft. The straighteners allow the stylist to monitor the heat more accurately, depending on the coarseness of the client's hair. Minimal product is used, too, which results in the hair having maximum motion.The key benefit is that the technique allows every texture to go straight, regardless of how loose or tight the natural curl pattern is. In the past, women often had to turn to chemical relaxers to achieve this effect, but the Silk Press has come along to turn this on its head.

Read what the press are saying about our treatment.

Images courtesy of Florie Mwanza.

Trend Alert : Long Hair for Men

Trend Alert : Long Hair for Men

Men with manes to die for. Look out ladies it’s the men’s turn to do the ‘do’. The Jared Jesus length to the Keanu mid length kinks are key male hair trends but there are certain hair rules to abide by get hair this long looking that good. Time to turn to the Neville Hair and Beauty Barber at the Bulgari Spa for sage advice.

Fadi Rachdi, the Neville Hair and Beauty Barber at the Bulgari Spa has seen his male clients letting go off their short back and sides! My clients have some good reasons why they are letting their manes move South. Less maintenance and less salon visits are needed between trims. Win-win for most men. That doesn’t mean you leave it 8 weeks between cuts as mane-tenance is key.

Fadi goes onto explain, "I have a unique way of cutting long hair for men which is very different to cutting ladies long hair to avoid any long hair disasters where it looks like a man is wearing a wig!”

Fadi’s unique method:

  1. A wash and shampoo are imperative pre-cut, so the hair is totally void of product i.e hair gel the with a sticky residue
  2. I never section the hair as the cut would be too formulaic, I want the finishes to look undone done!
  3. I usually cut the hair dry, post shampoo, unless it’s a specific hair type that needs to be wet. I cut long hair while dry, so I can actually see instant hair lengths & the shape
  4. I always try to expose the ears area by making it look slightly shorter than the rest of the hair
  5. Also men can’t rely on those short cuts, 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners. Product is key. I recommend using leave in conditioners and stick to creams and lotions instead of oils you don’t want anything too greasy, so hair looks lank and over glossy. At Neville Hair and Beauty, we adore the Philip Martin’s range. Shop here.

This long hair trend has outgrown the old rock god and surfer vibe. This fast moving 2022 trend is for gentleman - you won’t look quite as clean cut as you once did, so you need to go to great lengths to pull it off. So Fadi focuses on clean edges around the back of his client’s neck and sideburns. If you have a beard, he makes sure it is blended. These are key element to looking groomed and gorgeous.

Spring Colour Collection

Spring Colour Collection

Spring has sprung at Neville Hair & Beauty

Philip Martin’s colour ambassador Domenico Casella unveils three new colour looks created at Belgravia’s flagship salon

Hailing from Florence, Domenico Casella has brought over his amazing Italian flair to the world of colour. Domenico, who has worked in the industry for almost 15 years, has pioneered his “Hybrid Hair” also known as Shatush; a free hand technique exclusive to Neville and Philip Martin’s using only a cone and his hands; which colours only the hair which would naturally be ‘kissed’ by the sun. Similar to balayage, Shatush is extremely soft and creates the subtlest results. Domenico has created the perfect colour service for those wishing to add dimension to their hair.

With a passion for organic colouring techniques and organic treatments for hair care, Domenico only uses the best quality products, which is why he has partnered with Philip Martin’s to be one of their Global Colour ambassadors and create these three new Spring Colour looks exclusive to Neville Hair & Beauty, available now. Casella says of the new looks; “the inspiration of the looks has arrived after a long research about the trends of the moments, the best trends of the past, and trying to predict what people will like and what our Clients would wear, as a classy, modern and effortless look.”

Peach Bellini:

Fashionable, more youthful but very sophisticated, Peach Bellini celebrates individuality and self-expression. The look combines the updated shag haircut of the 70’s with a Peach coloured rinse for a new and updated shade of blonde. To achieve the look Domenico starts by using his free hand Shatush technique, adding dimension and subtle sun-kissed colour, but the results are softer and more subtle. The foil-free shatush technique is used to add dimension to the hair and frame with a brighter and lighter colour. After the hair has lifted, Domenico washes the hair before applying the new pigment by Philip Martin’s called Colour Split. This is left on for ten minutes before being rinsed in cold water for extra shine. The look is styled to appear lived in.

Classic Renaissance:

The classic Renaissance look exclusive to Neville Hair and Beauty developed by Domenico Casella for Philip Martin’s is a luxurious copper tone. The hue frequently found in nature represents the need to take a more natural approach to beauty just like the natural henna colour used to achieve this look. To create the copper tone Domenico starts by face framing the face using his foil free Shatush technique. After a good rinse and shampoo, he applies the copper coloured Colour Split to the roots for added depth. He then without rinsing, applies a mixture of different Philip Martin’s Henna tones to the roots, lengths and ends for 30 minutes. Henna is a natural colour service that tones, purifies, moisturizes, volumizes and offers the best re-pigmentation to faded and brittle hair. The treatment, created with dyeing herbs based on Lawsonia Inermis (in nature Intense Copper) and other herbal blends, allows the creation of a wide range of reflections.

Money piece:

The low-key Money Piece look by Domenico Casella for Philip Martin’s, which was inspired by Elena Lavagni, the owner of Neville Hair and Beauty, consists in very strategically placed colour that creates a soft pop at the front. Designed for international women on the go who are seeking a refined, comfortable and manageable look it was achieved by weaving in highlights delicately around the face to frame your facial features, using the foil free Shatush technique. Domenico then tones the hair with Philip Martin’s new pigment Colour slide and glosses the look with Henna for a vibrant, natural looking and high shine effect.

Protective Hairstyles

Protective Hairstyles

Lockdown generated a worldwide awakening when it comes to hair health and that is a general consensus for all hair types. But while majority of treatments, cuts and haircare advice are targeted to hair type 1, 2 and 3, less frequently is advice offered to those with type 4 hair. At Neville Hair and Beauty, we are aware of this discrepancy and have turned to textured hair specialist Kashif Bishop to get his advice on protective hairstyles, and essential part of healthy hair care for those who wish to embrace natural hair.

Protective hairstyles as the name suggests, are a range of hairstyles destined to minimise manipulation, manage length retention and keep the ends of the hair tucked away for recovery. This type of styling protects hair from daily aggressors such as sun, heat and bad weather. Wearing such hairstyles makes hair less prone to knotting and snagging on clothes or accessories but also protects the lengths and ends of the hair. Protective styling also proves beneficial for the roots and hairline, as the various styling options shift the places of tension on the scalp.

When it comes to determining which protective styling is right for you, Kash says that trial and error is unfortunately the only way to figure out the most comfortable style for you. Each protective style has its own life span and varies from style to style. Braids and twists for example could be worn between 2 weeks to a month, depending on how well the style is protected. These can be protected with either a braid spray, leave in conditioner in addition to silk scarves and pillow slips. Buns on the other hand, can be changed daily depending on how comfortable you are with styling your own hair, however this can be rather time consuming. If buns are your go-to protective style, the use of silk scrunchies or hair ties is recommended to avoid any breakage.

Kash, who also personally wears protective hairstyles, tends to prefer twists due to their low maintenance aspect. Once done you don’t really have to think about the style any longer until it’s time to change. Another favourite of his are single plaits as they are really versatile, and you can push the boat out and be creative by adding coloured extensions.

If protective hair styling is of interest to you, you should be aware that it does require some prep work to fully reap the protective benefits says Kash. It is important to ensure that your hair is not too brittle and dry but equally not drenched with product. Kash therefore recommends heading to your stylist for a consultation prior to making any big decisions. Curly hair types have a tendency of knotting so it’s very important to ensure your hair is untangled. This can be achieved by using your fingers as a rake or by using a wide tooth comb or Neville Paddle Brush. Your stylist will then be able to assess your exact curl pattern and get your hair in top shape before styling you hair in its new protective style.

Once your protective style of choice is in, Kash recommends wearing a silk scarf or turban at bedtime to avoid unwanted friction. Then during the day, you can embellish your style with gems to give it a modern edge.

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Power Hair Cut 2021

Strength and resilience is so often shown through hair. Power hairstyles have been created through the centuries, for example the Victory Roll post World War Two. Neville Salon predict the return of the Chanel power Cut. An investment cut that shouts 'we will not be thwarted post pandemic.’

Elena Lavagni, Director of Neville says, 'Coco Chanel once said post World War 1.‘ The first world war made me, I woke up in 1919 famous’. Already the phone is off the hook at Neville Salon since yesterday’s announcement. We all deserve to look and feel fabulous after this tricky year and at Neville that is what we are all about - spoiling our clients.’

Whether you're looking for something soft and short, a choppy Pixie crop or just lifting your bob a few inches to lobe-length, lopping the lot away can feel utterly liberating – like shaking off the weight of a heavy year (we're speaking about you, 2020). This cut is everything that represents a strong spirit in a woman. The jaw defined by the chin length hair with a very blunt fringe. Super sophisticated and classy.

Both long-term converts and new-comers can benefit from something more drastic, since short cuts are as versatile as they are easy to maintain. Plus, they're easier to pull off than you'd think, once you find the right shape for you... In fact, there's nothing like pruning back layers of hair to help open up your face and make the most of your features – hello there, cheekbones.

Ahead of the hairdressers reopening, it's well worth considering all your options and getting an idea of the type of crop that could work for you. You could dip your toe in with a slightly longer length chop – like a lob, or the short (but not too-short) collar bone bob.

If you want to take it up a notch, you could take the French bob we've been eyeing up all summer for a spin. It's short, it's flirty and oozes serious style and says ‘I've invested in my hair’. What is sure is that this power cut has resurrected itself post pandemic.

Book in Dec 2nd for your Post Pandemic Power Cut

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Introducing the S.O.S treatment

Introducing the S.O.S treatment

The treatment spearheaded by senior stylist Aytac Ozbay gives instant results and is suitable for all hair types.

S.O.S protects the hair, making it resistant to corrosive effects, and instantly re-structures stressed hair, making it stronger, healthier and shinier.

The Elimain® technology restores moisture and amino acids to weak, stressed or brittle hair, prevents wear during chemical procedures and repairs stressed hair from the inside out.

To start your journey to healthier hair with Aytac, click the link below:

Henna Hair Dye

Henna Hair Dye

At Neville Hair and Beauty, we have re-discovered Henna a natural powder that lifts hair and nourishes it at the same time. An organic highlighter powder derived from the native henna tree that is not only kind to hair but also kind to the environment. Sustainability becoming a focal point for the salon has meant we are continuously on the lookout for friendlier more natural products. Philip Martin’s does just that as the brand combines nature and science in innovative, patented and certified plant formulas.

Henna is packed with vitamins and nutrients and also aids scalp circulation. By using Henna, you are helping your scalp get some much-needed pampering. Research has shown that by turning to henna it will help eliminate split ends.

This organic and 100% plant-based colour is almost a semi-permanent colour, it will give a soft shade and tone to white hair, without lifting the natural base colour. The white hair, coated in henna pigment, will give subtle movement to your colour and a delicious depth without lifting the natural base colour.

The end result is micro lights. This toner works wonders on ladies gracefully going grey but desire a three-dimensional vibrant look. A 100% plant-based pigment that adds colour to the shaft of each hair, so that the hair also feels fuller. Rather than a bleach-based colour that strips and thins your hair.

We firmly believe you cannot recreate a beautiful salon colour from home so have researched the kindest ingredients that a salon can offer clients. Wellbeing, hair health has led to the new Henna Hair.

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