Neville Launches the Herbal Hair Remedy

Neville Launches the Herbal Hair Remedy

Locking youth into our hair is just as tricky as it is the skin. Youthful hair relies on our hair being at its healthiest. We all yearn for soft hair with a sheen. To achieve this naturally is an added bonus ad now you can at Neville Hair and Beauty offer a natural cure for hair cuticles and shaft through an herbal hair ritual using the most organic of ingredients.

Italian Hair Healer and Senior colourist at Neville Hair and Beauty, Domenico Casella adores herbology. Ever the advocate of all things natural and organic, Domenico looked into “Officinal” herbs, which consists of plants and herbs used to create medicinal remedies, perfumes and cosmetics, to concoct the perfect treatment, suitable for all hair types, for very dry and stressed hair.

Dry hair can be the result of the imbalances inside and outside our body but most of the time this problem is related to environmental origins. For many people and in particular for women dry hair can be a big aesthetic problem because its dryness effect gives to the hair an unpleasant “straw effect” which gives a neglected feeling to it.

Designed to bring back youth, hydration and moisture to hair, the Neville Hair and Beauty Herbal Hair Ritual is a 4-step treatment by Philip Martin’s made from marshmallow, mountain arnica, soya, barley, Asiatic pennywort, all known for their glowing, nourishing, moisturizing and soothing properties.

  • Step 1: Domenico blends the herbs with hot water, until he reaches a creamy texture and then adds some Philip Martin’s Macadamia oil before blending the mix together.
    *For virgin hair Domenico excludes macadamia oil from the blend.
  • Step 2: After having washed the hair and towel dried it, Domenico applies the treatment all over the roots, lengths and ends at the wash station.
  • Step 3: He applies clingfilm over the treatment and places the client under the Climazon for 30 minutes to maximise absorption.
  • Step 4: Domenico then rinses the treatment and proceeds with a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

The result is an incredibly silky and glossy finish which lasts for days.

Price starts from £100 for short hair and £150 for long hair.

NB: The treatment requires a patch test.

Before and After Herbal Hair Remedy
Before and After Herbal Hair Remedy