Trend Alert : Long Hair for Men

Trend Alert : Long Hair for Men

Men with manes to die for. Look out ladies it’s the men’s turn to do the ‘do’. The Jared Jesus length to the Keanu mid length kinks are key male hair trends but there are certain hair rules to abide by get hair this long looking that good. Time to turn to the Neville Hair and Beauty Barber at the Bulgari Spa for sage advice.

Fadi Rachdi, the Neville Hair and Beauty Barber at the Bulgari Spa has seen his male clients letting go off their short back and sides! My clients have some good reasons why they are letting their manes move South. Less maintenance and less salon visits are needed between trims. Win-win for most men. That doesn’t mean you leave it 8 weeks between cuts as mane-tenance is key.

Fadi goes onto explain, "I have a unique way of cutting long hair for men which is very different to cutting ladies long hair to avoid any long hair disasters where it looks like a man is wearing a wig!”

Fadi’s unique method:

  1. A wash and shampoo are imperative pre-cut, so the hair is totally void of product i.e hair gel the with a sticky residue
  2. I never section the hair as the cut would be too formulaic, I want the finishes to look undone done!
  3. I usually cut the hair dry, post shampoo, unless it’s a specific hair type that needs to be wet. I cut long hair while dry, so I can actually see instant hair lengths & the shape
  4. I always try to expose the ears area by making it look slightly shorter than the rest of the hair
  5. Also men can’t rely on those short cuts, 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners. Product is key. I recommend using leave in conditioners and stick to creams and lotions instead of oils you don’t want anything too greasy, so hair looks lank and over glossy. At Neville Hair and Beauty, we adore the Philip Martin’s range. Shop here.

This long hair trend has outgrown the old rock god and surfer vibe. This fast moving 2022 trend is for gentleman - you won’t look quite as clean cut as you once did, so you need to go to great lengths to pull it off. So Fadi focuses on clean edges around the back of his client’s neck and sideburns. If you have a beard, he makes sure it is blended. These are key element to looking groomed and gorgeous.