Henna Hair Dye

Henna Hair Dye

At Neville Hair and Beauty, we have re-discovered Henna a natural powder that lifts hair and nourishes it at the same time. An organic highlighter powder derived from the native henna tree that is not only kind to hair but also kind to the environment. Sustainability becoming a focal point for the salon has meant we are continuously on the lookout for friendlier more natural products. Philip Martin’s does just that as the brand combines nature and science in innovative, patented and certified plant formulas.

Henna is packed with vitamins and nutrients and also aids scalp circulation. By using Henna, you are helping your scalp get some much-needed pampering. Research has shown that by turning to henna it will help eliminate split ends.

This organic and 100% plant-based colour is almost a semi-permanent colour, it will give a soft shade and tone to white hair, without lifting the natural base colour. The white hair, coated in henna pigment, will give subtle movement to your colour and a delicious depth without lifting the natural base colour.

The end result is micro lights. This toner works wonders on ladies gracefully going grey but desire a three-dimensional vibrant look. A 100% plant-based pigment that adds colour to the shaft of each hair, so that the hair also feels fuller. Rather than a bleach-based colour that strips and thins your hair.

We firmly believe you cannot recreate a beautiful salon colour from home so have researched the kindest ingredients that a salon can offer clients. Wellbeing, hair health has led to the new Henna Hair.

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