Neville Hair and Beauty introduce the Chelsea Cut

Leila with The Chelsea Cut

The Chelsea Cut

The Chelsea cut at Neville Hair and Beauty lasts for much longer than the life-span of a butterfly! This cut offers more than just a re style - the cut is a health cut for hair, giving you an opportunity to refresh lifeless hair but without taking away the length.

Also, if you are stuck in a hair rut but want to spread your wings by adding some Va-Va-Voom the Chelsea cut is for you. The cut is a versatile layered hairstyle.

Neville Hair and Beauty stylists are famed for taking a slice of hair history and refreshing it with a modern edge. The Chelsea cut is a nod to the 90s shag but a versatile cut, where the layers are placed to flatter the shape of your face. The Chelsea cut frames the face but also adds some youth and volume.

The Chelsea cut is carried out using the Thermal Scissors System, a revolution in hairdressing and hair cutting. The state-of-the-art Thermal Scissor System is the hair hero. By cleverly warming the blades, the natural qualities of the hair are preserved by sealing the ends.

Permed, bleached and treated hair can all have a slice of this new scissor action and will be totally transformed into healthy hair.

This cutting tool provides a two-pronged attack. You receive a superb Neville Hair and Beauty cut with the knowledge your hair is being treated to a new type of cut, that will heal your hair for good.

The beauty of this cut is that it can be adapted to both long and short lengths and does not compromise the length, so not drastic but more dashing. . A total win-win.

Jack Merrick-Thirlway, Creative Director at Neville Hair and Beauty explains: The Chelsea Cut is a great way to give your hair shape, movement and versatility, without losing length. The most important factor of any haircut is the shape that cuts around the face as this determines whether the look suits or not. The Chelsea cut really is about the face framing layers that we then use to choose layer length and base length to create balance for the overall look.

Leila with The Chelsea Cut
Leila with The Chelsea Cut

Images courtesy of Leila Kashanipour.