Personality Matchmaking

Elena Lavagni reaveals why personality matchmaking clients and stylists is key to a successful business.

Studying psychology at university taught me firsthand the importance of understanding an individual’s needs and tastes and business is no different. In order to provide a good service to our clients we need to understand them and their needs. Once we have this understanding we can do what we love doing and what I call personality matchmaking. For those wondering, I don’t run a dating company on the side, rather I try to pair each client with a stylist whose personality will resonate with them. Personality matchmaking is a key aspect of the business for me. I truly believe that enabling a great rapport between the stylist and the client will create great results and will ultimately make the client feel good and happy.

I like to spend time developing relationships with my clients and learning more about them, it allows me to create suitable matches to give each client the experience they deserve.

Personality is the first point of call when it comes to hair stylists and I take that into consideration from the recruitment process. The first thing I ask my receptionists before interviewing a potential candidate is - what’s their personality like? 99% of the time I am look for something different. Ultimately, we can only teach the hairdresser how to do hair and the craftsmanship behind it. Their personality is a result of their personal journey and life story. Providing the match make was a success, the stylist will give you their heart and their soul. I am so lucky to count such a vast number of hairdressers from my team whose personalities can click with anyone.