Customer care vs Customer service

Customer care vs Customer service

Elena Lavagni reveals the importance of both in a post lockdown era.

As we anticipate the relaxation of lockdown, we have been thinking about how the business will operate and what our new normality will entail. Our clients have always been at the forefront of our business but in these uncertain times customer care, one of the hottest buzzwords in the business scene will become paramount. Often the lines get crossed and it’s important, now more than ever to differentiate customer care and customer service.

So what is the difference?

Customer care is what we do thinking about our client. Ultimately it embodies how well customers are taken care of whilst interacting with the brand. It’s the sentiment beyond the tangible, customer care is how we look after our customers by listening to their needs and offering the correct solutions. Ultimately creating an emotional connection with the core of our business.

Customer service on the other hand, is how we treat our clients when they walk into the salon. Increasing customer satisfaction is the aim of customer service. It’s about providing the customer with the correct information and assisting them to provide them with the best product or service suited to them. Ensuring they had a wonderful experience during the time they were with you.

The combination of both is essential to building long term loyalty and satisfaction.

At Neville, every service and product offered is with the Neville client in mind. We don’t offer services because they are trendy. We offer them because we know she needs them.

Understanding our clients will most certainly help us navigate through the difficulties that lie ahead. We know that our client is psychologically strong, she has a life and most importantly she knows what she wants. She is in control.

The salon was built on customer care and more than ever we will have to focus on this.

Offering consistency on the client journey will have to become second nature.