Luxury Brunette

Time to upgrade your colour? Now all blondes and brunettes wanting something extra-ordinary whilst caring for their hair in equal measure can lavish their locks in Luxury Brunette. Ever the advocate for strong healthy hair, Colour Director Seniz Alkan is proud of her Luxury Brunette exclusive to Neville Hair and Beauty. “Luxury Brunette” is a culmination of many details says Alkan.

This is a colour that cannot be achieved through at home box colour due to the multitude of deep luscious layers that are placed throughout the hair. This hair shimmers and glimmers in natural light, the end result is multi-dimensional with depth. Luxury locks.

Seniz explains, "We’re moving away from the flat one tone all over, which can be achieved by anyone and instead focusing on multiple shades to achieve dimension by intermixing different tones and creating custom blends that will best suit your facial features and skin tone."

After an in-depth consultation during which Alkan will ask you what are the deepest and lightest shades you would like to see in your hair, Seniz will use her expert know how to place the shades in a way that will enhance your hairstyle . The finishing touch is a gloss treatment which is an essential component of the Luxury Brunette. Unlike standard colour, the Luxury Brunette is high shine and the finish must reflect the light to give it that expensive touch.

Neville Hair and Beauty’s belief that it is their responsibility to give their clients something you cannot achieve at home - making this colour more desirable and luxe. It’s a very detailed method but low maintenance in the long run, this aspect makes it even more appealing.

Luxury Brunette is the answer to shedding the old colour and treating yourself and your hair to something special.

Luxury Brunette is a favourite of Lisa Snowdon.