The Tong Perm

Tong perm

The Perm will you – won’t you?! The Perm has had a colourful history some good moments, some not so good. Neville Hair and Beauty, eponymous London salon is championing the return of the perm, with their unique tonged approach.

Making a massive move away from the static, uniform corkscrew and celebrating how haircare has improved tenfold since then. Plus, our perspective has changed; while we once thought the '80s was the one decade that would never be revisited, it's enjoying a renaissance across all fields, from fashion and beauty to music and film.

Perms conquered the hearts of many women around the world and now with the increasing popularity of textured hair, we are seeing the perm make a comeback.

With perm fan celebrities such as Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya and the return of Sex and the city’s famed Sarah Jessica Parker, we are not surprised to see women move away from slick hair and endorse volume and shape.

The Tong Perm has all the benefits of a natural perm but without the chemical damage. The Tong Perm is easily achieved for a specific event without having to commit long term. So, there is the perfect excuse to Perm even it its just for a day!

When it comes to the perm, the haircut is very important. For maximum effect, round layering works best to get the wispy curls at the front. Depending on how tight you would like the curls, the Neville Stylists use a small barrel tong. It’s very important to start the curl at the root for maximum volume. When starting to curl the hair, sectioning is important to ensure the curls are angled towards the face as opposed to away from the face like you would a regular blowdry. Neville’s have also replaced the chemical perm lotion with blowdry lotion and mousse to avoid any heat damage.

The other thing to note is that the Tong Perm grows out beautifully. The curls tend to drop slightly within a week, so rather than that poker straight roots and super curly ends look, the grow-out would be more natural and wavier than extreme. So, you almost get two hairstyles in one Tong!

To boot, Neville Hair and Beauty is continuously thriving to move away from any products that cause breakage to the hair. So this perm wont damage!