Hairbrained conversations

Hair brained conversations with Elena Lavagni

Earlier last month Elena Lavagni, co-owner of London based Salon Neville Hair and Beauty and “service provider” to the world's one and only Amazon Salon featured on Gordon Miller's podcast Hairbrained conversations. In this episode Elena makes a strong case for proactive evolution of how salons think about business and technology to remain competitive in a fast-changing world – and shares learnings from her experience working with Amazon and with her own Neville team over the course of the pandemic.

Neville teams up with GSG

At Neville Hair and Beauty we are on a mission to salon sustainability and we’ve teamed up with environmental service Green Salon Collective, to make our salon more responsible than ever before with our salon waste.

We are now recycling your hair! Green Salon Collective are working on hair boom and mat projects that could see your hair soaking up an oil spill, and they will also be using it for gardening and composting too.

To join Green Salon Collective, we’ve decided to add a £1 “green fee” to each client visit. So now when you see us in the salon, you’ll also be helping us save our planet too!

If you have any further questions about our “green fee” please contact the salon on

Elena Lavagni supports altruism

Metehan’s battle

Altruism, is when a person shows selfless concern for the well-being of others. A beautiful trait of character that I hold dear to heart and have also taken great pride in observing amongst some of my team members. In particular our colour director Seniz Alkan who recently decided to help raise awareness and funds for a little boy called Metehan. Metehan was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 1 - a neuromuscular disease so severe that many children with SMA type 1 do not reach the age of two.

As SMA is a rare disease, Novartis charges a huge fee to cover their R&D costs and make a profit: Zolgensma costs $2.1 million – with additional expenses such as travel, accommodation and consultancy fees, the total amount of reaches $2.45 million (currently £1.9m). Since deciding to join the cause to help Metehan, Seniz has raised over £100k. As a close friend and colleague I am keen to help raise further awareness about Metehan’s story and terrible disease.

For those of you who are interested to find out more or might wish to donate you may do so here:

Introducing the Renée Lapino clinic

Renée Lapino Facial

Dynamic Entrepreneur, Elena Lavagni is always on the look out for top experts in the aesthetic arena to compliment the cutting edge hair and beauty Neville Hair and Beauty is famed for. In her desire to offer a totally luxurious One Stop Shop experience to her high profile clients she is proud to announce the collaboration with London Skin Guru, Renee Lapino.

Elena Lavagni comments, "Its like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with Renée. Renée gives you the confidence to forget about makeup and simply be yourself. Her talent in fine tuning skin by her fair hands and gadgets has brought her own fame in London."

Renée Lapino provides premium advice, insights and inspiration to help their patients attain their skin goals. Renee's philosophy is that truly beautiful and youthful skin is only achieved by taking an integrated approach to your skin health that includes innovative science-backed treatments and skincare, energizing restorative lifestyle practices and a nutrient rich diet.

Renée opened her first clinic in Notting Hill in 2018, and is thrilled to be opening her second Clinic home on the third floor of Neville’s in Belgravia. With Renee, Elena is proud to give her space at the salon that compliments her legendary reputation and provides a chic environment for her discerning clients.

Each session is designed personally for the patient’s skin and body needs. Specialists utilize holistic therapies to cohesively support cutting-edge technology, which ensures the greatest results with the least amount of discomfort or downtime. Sound therapy, touch therapy and nutrition are all elements of your experience, and included in each treatment. Patients can expect an enjoyable experience and unparalleled results each and every visit.

Joining the renowned team at Neville’s is a natural progression for the Renée Lapino Clinic, and will allow the two powerhouses to offer a comprehensive treatment selection of face, body, makeup, lashes, nails, and of course, fantastic hair. The owners have both enjoyed attending each other’s locations as patrons for several years, and are thrilled to be able to move forward working together in one location.

The Renée Lapino clinic will consist of facial rooms, a dedicated body room, makeup artists and lash specialists in a bright, modern space. Renée and her team will also be launching new machines straight from the US, and offering those treatments exclusively in the Belgravia location.

Temporary closure

We will meet again..

As we are all facing difficulties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to try and support you in whichever way we possibly can.

Due to the recent government restrictions, we are forced to temporarily close our doors until December 2nd. While we are deeply saddened by this decision your health and safety as well as our teams remains our highest priority.

That said, we are still very much looking forward to servicing you through our e-shop on Our online shop will enable you to access all your favourite hair care products and appliances, although the salon will be closed.

In addition our team of experts will be available for video consultations to provide you with any hair care advice you may require during this time. Our reception team will also be on call Monday to Friday throughout the closure to assist you.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

We cannot wait to open our doors to you once again very soon.

Neville Team

Redken X BTC Competition

Throughout the month of September Redken hosted a UK Instagram competition with the infamous Behind The Chair social account inviting colourists around the country to share the very best of their colour transformations using the #redkenxbtc.

Seniz Alkan – Colour Director, who began her career 18 years ago when she started working a Neville Hair & Beauty is a huge fan of the Redken products and jumped at the opportunity to enter the competition.

Having trained as a colourist at the salon and having since worked her way up to Colour Director at the salon, Seniz’s experience has enabled her to develop many colour techniques influenced by her work travels around the globe.

Seniz never stops learning and developing colour trends, and she regularly travels to Los Angeles where she has visited top salons including John Barrett, Tracy Cunningham and Ramirez Tran where she met top colourist to the stars Anja Burton 8 years ago.

Anja and Seniz have since worked together on creating a new variation to the classic Ombre/ Balyage, the Ombralayage, which is exclusive to Neville Hair & Beauty.

Ever the innovator, Seniz, who practices from her own ‘Colour Pod’ at the salon, has created trend after trend seen on the likes of London’s top press, including her new Silhouette Slicing technique she pioneered Spring 2020.

It was in her new Pod that Seniz bleached her client Bria's hair to platinum blonde. A winning look according to Redken and Behind The Chair who awarded Seniz with second place.

Alkan says; "Bria has very fine and brittle Afro Caribbean hair but she was keen to undergo a drastic colour transformation. After our initial consultation we agreed that a platinum blonde would be the ultimate colour for her. To achieve this colour, I used Flashlift with Bonder + 20 Vol to enable me to leave the bleach on as long as I could without compromising the condition of her hair. This mixture meant I was able to lift all the undertones and unwanted colour and achieve the brightness necessary for a platinum blonde. We then proceeded to tone with 9B + 9V + 9P in equal amounts leaving the toner on for 15 minutes on dry hair. It’s important the toner is applied on dry hair for maximum absorption."

10 things you didn’t know

10 things you didn’t know about Neville Hair and Beauty

We’re pretty sure you know most things about Neville Hair and Beauty but did you know these fun facts:

Neville Hair and Beauty takes pride in developing the future generation of hairdressers.
On average Neville Hair and Beauty produces 3 new stylists or colourists a year by providing them with education and opportunities to further develop their skillset.
Neville Hair and Beauty was the first salon in the UK to host an open day.
After the first lockdown our salon opened to help support and reward frontline workers including NHS staff. The salon was closed to clients for an entire day with Neville staff volunteering to do colour and styling. View some pictures of the day on our Instagram channel here!
We are the official hairdresser for Chopard’s Cannes Film Festival since 2018.
Since our first interaction with Chopard at the Guo Pei show in Paris in October 2017, Neville has collaborated with Chopard on a variety of events in Paris and London including the very prestigious Cannes Film Festival for which we became their official hairdresser.
We believe in working only with ethical companies!
At Neville Hair and Beauty we take pride in working with companies that share our same ethics. From L’Oreal who have reduced 81% of their CO2 emissions in their sites worldwide since 2005 to Philip Martin’s who are eco-friendly and cruelty free. Not forgetting Balmain Hair Couture who have developed 80% of their Care & Styling collection according to the guidelines of Nordic Swan. In addition Balmain Hair UK do their summer production which is solely solar power driven.
Neville has believed in diversity since it started in 1992!
Our multicultural team represents over 12 different nationalities. It has been the owners’ mission since 1992 to ensure diversity in the workplace! We are also very proud of our gender equality ratio with 49% female and 51% male.
We are home to the Renée Lapino Clinic and facialist Fere!
Renée Lapino is an American trained Medical Facialist practicing in London with a team of carefully chosen skin specialists. The Renée Lapino Clinic provides premium advice, insights and inspiration to help their patients attain their skin goals. It is the RL Clinic’s philosophy that truly beautiful and youthful skin is only achieved by taking an integrated approach to your skin health that includes innovative science-backed treatments and skincare, energizing restorative lifestyle practices and a nutrient rich diet. Her clinic is located on the second floor of our Pont Street salon. Fere, on the other hand is renowned for her bespoke non-invasive facials, tailor made and adapted to the needs of each and every client. After a moment of inspection, she instinctively knows the treatment required for beautiful, natural-looking glowing skin. It’s this unique pioneering approach – combined with instantly noticeable results – that see her roster of clients, from royalty to fashion and beauty insiders – return time and time again. Fere looks after her clients from the lower ground floor at Neville Hair and Beauty Pont Street.
We held a Royal Warrant!
Neville salon on Sloane street held the Royal Warrant due to the fact that Her Majesty the Queen’s hairdresser, Charles Martin was responsible for looking after her hair for many years and was based at the salon in Sloane street. Charles was very much a part of HM’s routine and travelled the world with her many times, usually on HMS Britannia. Neville also had the honour of meeting the Queen privately on some of Charles’ visits.
The Neville artistic team has been creating the hair looks for designers around the world since 2004.
From NY fashion week, to Vietnam, Seoul, Paris and London. Our team have since amassed a vast number of airmiles!
Antonio Grimaldi show at Paris Haute Couture in January 2020
We care for the planet !
Since early 2021, we have partnered with One tree planted , gifting £1 of every PPE surcharge to plant a tree. At Neville Hair and Beauty we understand the detrimental effect the pandemic has had on the planet with an increase usage of plastic. It is with that in mind, that we were keen to work towards offsetting our carbon footprint. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Trees also provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.
We are hiring!
Joining Neville Hair and Beauty is more than just a job in a salon, it is an opportunity to join a family whose culture is based on innovation and creativity. If you are looking for a career change, check our vacancies page here.

11-Year-old cuts hair at Neville Salon

11-Year-old cuts hair at Neville Salon To raise funds for Chain of Hope

Sophia Grace Karaket aged 11 at Thomas’s School, Battersea has undergone a massive makeover in the name of charity. Over the past year she has grown her hair beyond shoulder length with the knowledge she would have a dramatic cut at Neville Salon, 5 Pont St. A salon who she entrusted totally for this momentous occasion.

This will be Sophia's second dramatic hair cut for charity. Where she has kindly donated to Chain of Hope Charity and Little Princes Trust.

On this occasion, she has raised a whopping £5,000 for Chain of Hope, a Chelsea based charity that helps provide complex heart surgeries to children in need. It is estimated that as many as 15 million children die or remain severely ill every year through potentially treatable or preventable cardiac diseases. Chain of Hope exists to provide children from developing countries affected by life-threatening heart conditions with the medical treatment to save their lives.

In addition, Sophia donated her hair to the Little Princess trust which provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

Dana from Chain of Hope comments, 'We need more good small souls like Sophia. These acts of kindness make a huge difference to charities like Chain of Hope and the little Princess Trust.

Textured Hair Specialist

Textured Hair Specialist Kashif Bishop

There is a very real deficit in the UK when it comes to education and training around textured hair which needs to change, and we are addressing this major hair issue.

At Neville Hair and beauty, we believe everyone deserves a pro salon experience whatever your curl pattern. The salon provides a detailed menu that covers curly 3a to a coily 4C. We are forever addressing clients’ needs and are extremely fortunate and proud to now provide clients with the skills of Textured Hair Specialist Kashif Bishop. Kash as he is known to the team, hails from twin Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. His history is rooted in hair with his late father and Top Stylist Terry Bishop inspiring Kash.

Kash’s flair for hair has landed him regular gigs at LFW, trans- forming the manes of models with the Neville artistic team for shows such as @lovejimmypaul and the CSM Graduate show. What makes Kash so popular is his styling breadth but equal emphasis on hair health and maintenance.

Kash explains, ‘One of the key things I always take into consideration is that not all curls are the same. We tend to categorise hair as either straight or curly, but there’s so much more to it. For example, curls could be defined as soft waves, corkscrew ringlets or even tight afro hair. It is important when looking after your curls, to understand what your specific curl types needs and loves.’

At Neville Salon you are provided with a full free in-depth consultation, if you are looking to embrace your curls Kash understands it’s important to find a stylist who really understands your hair type and someone you can trust.

Whether you're going for the big chop, switching up your braids, trying out a sleek new silk do or a curl, treat yourself to a total pro salon experience with Kash.