Manes & Mani’s

Nevillel Blow Dry Bar

At Neville Hair and Beauty, we are bringing back the art of hairdressing. As of this month we are taking blow dries back to basics with the luxurious offering of our famous long lasting mani’s, carried out at the same time. Knowing too well that there is not an easy way to become a hairdresser you need passion, dedication and skills. The Neville team know they are turning the bog-standard blow dry on its it head by taking away the heated tool appliances to provide clients with healthier blow dries.

We are taking the bold step to shake up the now formulaic blow dry bars around the globe! We know far too well by removing the much relied on heated tools we are almost laying the stylist bear and open to show their skills. Our aim is to celebrate the original craftmanship of blowdrying.

Our stylists have great aesthetic discernment. They are practicing their craft conscientiously, so that they can make their aesthetic vision come into reality. Looking back to the original skillset of hairdressers to give immortality to an industry that’s slowly being taken over by heat appliances.

At Neville Hair and Beauty, we believe that to achieve luscious healthy hair, your toolkit should consist of only your hands, a hairdryer and some good quality hair brushes. The texture inclusive looks will be carried out by using round brushes with natural bristles that are good for your hair and produce a sensational shine just by using the hairdryer in the correct way.

Director of Neville Salon, Elena Lavagni, comments, ‘ Care is the base of what we are doing and we believe in it so much that we wanted to put our money in our skills. Creating the Mane & Mani Bar is not only to cherish the real craftsmanship of the art of hairdressing but it also to show our clients our passion and care in what we do. We want our clients to receive the unique ‘care for hair’ blow dry service that our industry can offer.’

The launch of the blowdry bar aims to showcase the skill of the team and highlight the difference between work done at home and hair done in the salon by professionals. To further show our clients we care the Mane & Mani Bar is open 7 days a week.

You will be able to choose from 3 beautiful Blow Dry looks :

  • Power Blowdry (80’s Blowdry).
  • Silk Press (texture hair blowdry).
  • Tong Perm (2022 posh perm)

Popular treatments have been merged where you can have a blow dry along with a manicure done in a swift 40 minutes for £60

Bookings can be made online or via our app downloadable on Android and IOS here.

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