Hair loss after covid-19

Hair loss after covid-19

Covid-19 is a subject we’d all like to see the back but at Neville we’ve noticed an increase in clients complaining from hair loss as a result of Covid. A long-term effect that presents itself as a form of severe hair loss. Despite some academic studies that address the link between these two factors, they are still unclear what causes it and what the best course of action to remedy the hair loss is. What has been established to date is that long Covid is associated to Telogen effluvium and alopecia areata.

In the past, emotional problems, infectious and autoimmune diseases have triggered hair loss of varying types. From shedding across the scalp, also known as telogen effluivium to sheer falls, better known as alopecia areata.

To put this into perspective, we generally lose between 30 to 150 hairs daily but with conditions such as telogen effluvium we can notice a loss of up to 300 hairs a day which can be noticed as a drastic loss in volume overall.

In addition, hair loss linked to Covid generally occurs three months after your imunity has been compromised and can last anywhere between three to six months.

Whilst it is still hard to pin point the link between Covid and hair loss, you’ll be pleased to hear that for the vast majority of sufferers’ hair does eventually recover after several months.

Studies have shown that food plays a very strong role in falls and recoveries as it is linked to blood iron levels. If you are a suffering from Covid hair loss you may wish to check out our recent blog post on Superfoods for Hair. Addressing any deficiency can help remedy hair loss.

Generally speaking, conditions such as telogen effluvium restore themselves when the reason behind its origin ceases to exist. There is therefore no need to seek any particular type of treatment nor would any intervention or medication help accelerate the recovery. Needless to say, factors such as hair length can have an impact on how long your hair takes to return to its natural state.

You may also notice regrowth ( baby hairs) that could cause your hair to look frizzy in visible areas. If that is the case, we recommend visiting our hair health expert Flavex who can recommend the best course of hydrating treatment for you using exclusive tree tech. Find out more about the type of treatments available here.