Your most googled hair questions

Google’s most frequently asked hair questions answered

Your most frequently asked hair questions on Google answered by senior stylist Flavia Lima.

Like with most things whenever we have a doubt we turn to Google, the encyclopaedia of life. Hair is no different according to Google who recently revealed the trending hair questions you’ve been seeking answers to. Turns out in the UK’s most googled beauty questions were in fact related to hair that preceded skincare searches.

To make life easier for you, we turned to senior stylist and scalp hair expert Flavia Lima to answer all of your searched questions.

Most Googled Hair Questions

1. How to curl hair with a straightener?

First things first, in order to achieve good results it’s important to start with a good base and that means the way you wash your hair. To ensure style longevity and hold, wash your hair using the correct shampoo for your hair type followed by a good conditioner. Conditioner should always be applied on mid lengths to ends only and not the hairline as it could cause your hair to look greasy. Washing your hair thoroughly with the correct products will mean your hair stays clean and oil free for longer. After you’ve washed your hair, before brushing, you should apply a thermal protector from mid lengths to ends such as L’Oreal Tecni Art Pli available here. Proceed to drying your hair completely with a hairdryer. Then proceed by separating your hair into sections and placing a section of the hair in the middle of the straightener, then twist it around and slowly pull the straightener towards the ends of your hair. The positioning of you hand will play a critical role in the desired effect, so whatever you choose whether horizontal or vertical, ensure you keep the same positioning throughout the entire head of hair. Flavia adds: “That if you choose to use the straightener horizontally, you will create a curls, if you hold the straightener vertically it will create a wave pattern.

2. How to cut your own hair?

This should definitely be an option, even if you are tempted to trim those split ends. Always and we can never repeat this enough ALWAYS seek a qualified professional no matter how simple it looks. Professionals are not only insured if something goes wrong but they also hold years of experience under their belt guaranteeing the result you desire. Home cuts more or less always result in tears and a big expense, particularly when it then needs to be corrected by a professional.

3. How to grow hair faster?

Hair growth is very relative, explains Lima, but the use of good products is essential in ensuring hair growth. Hair hydration with good quality products is the key to healthy hair and that applies both at home and in the salon. My work is to ensure that clients leave the salon with a hair plan and achievable haircare regimen that they can maintain in order to make and see a real difference, says Lima. Similar to the approach you would take with your skin, hair requires love and TLC to help promote growth and shine.

In addition to a good haircare regimen, it could be beneficial to take a look at what you eat. In a previous blogpost, we recently rounded up the 5 superfoods to include in your diet to help promote hair growth. Check it out here!

4. How often should you wash your hair?

This very much depends on your lifestyle and how many times a week you exercise, but generally speaking we always recommend washing your hair 2 to 3 times a week maximum. Once again this is linked to how well you wash your hair – the better your hair is washed and rinsed the least frequently you will need to wash it. Always remember to protect your hair from daily aggressors using a blowdry dry lotion and heat protection whenever feasible.

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5. How to get hair dye off skin?

Whilst we are very much against the idea of home colour for safety reasons first and foremost, we know a select few can’t part with box dye. If you are one of the few, then we recommend applying Vaseline, it works wonders. That said, if you do have a couple more minutes, we’d like to tempt you to read our piece on why paying salon colour is worth it here .