The Neville session team heads the Celia Kritharioti SS23 show

The Neville session team heads the Celia Kritharioti SS23 show

The Neville artistic team create the hair look for Celia Kritharioti SS23 at Paris Haute Couture.

The Neville session team heads the Celia Kritharioti SS23 show Supported by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris
How to achieve the look:
  • Prep the hair using L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Pli.
  • Blow dry the hair smooth.
  • Tie the hair into a slick high ponytail and secure with elastic.
  • Using L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Air Fix on a small section, braid the hair into a 1cm wide braid and secure with elastic.
  • Repeat the process until all the hair from ponytail is braided.
  • Apply some L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Liss Control to your hands, rub together before gently passing your hands over the braids for added shine.
  • Use one of the braids to wrap around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic and secure with a grip.
  • To finish apply a light mist of L’Oreal Infinium medium hold hairspray.
The Neville session team heads the Celia Kritharioti SS23 show Supported by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris
The Neville session team heads the Celia Kritharioti SS23 show Supported by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

Get your best curly hair yet

Get your best curly hair yet

We believe that 2021 is all about embracing your natural hair’s texture. With curly hair growing increasingly popular we have decided to turn to one of our experts, Kelly May, to get all the tips you need to get your best curly hair yet.

Firstly it’s important to understand that Curls can change over time, says Kelly May. You can go from having soft waves to tighter curls. Your hair goes through cycles that can change every several years. Pregnancy has also been known to change a woman’s hair. This can be due to post pregnancy hormones and the loss of hair. Post pregnancy your hair can grow back with a different texture and sometimes much curlier.

Whatever your type of curl or its cyclical changes, it is important to protect them. May, recommends sleeping on a silk pillow case or wearing a silk head turban at night. “ This will help reduce breakage and cause less friction when you are sleeping” adds May. To ensure healthy curls, it’s important to wash your hair in a certain way and ensure you indulge in regular conditioning treatments. Curls require a lot of hydration.

May advises, hair be brushed before it is washed and again when you apply conditioner. This helps eliminate the frizz. Use clarifying shampoo first, followed by a moisture based curl defining shampoo. The thickness of your hair will then determine what your curls need whether its moisture, protein, frizz control or volume. Curly hair has a tendency to require more moisture than most other hair types.

So what is the best brush to use for curly hair? At Neville, we recommend using a flat paddle brush or a denman brush. These are gently on your curls and great for tangles. Always remember to brush your hair when it is wet with conditioner or alternatively prior to washing it.

For those of you struggling with your curls and looking into potential treatments to help reduce frizz, we recommend Tanino Therapy, a chemical free smoothing treatment that will maintain your curl at the same time.

When it comes to styling using the right products is paramount. For rebellious curly hair, May recommends using the Kerastase discipline range which is great for managing thicker curls and frizz for a smooth and shinier finish.

If you are looking to embrace your natural curls or alternatively achieve a smooth blowdry, we recommend using L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Liss control.

If you are opting for a curly style, it helps define the curls. Liss control is a light weight product with maximum effect. Alternatively, if you wish to smooth your hair liss control will help you achieve shiny and smooth hair.

Jack Merrick-Thirlway heads the Julien Fournié SS23 show

Jack Merrick-Thirlway heads the Julien Fournié SS23 show

Jack Merrick-Thirlway supported by Neville Hair & Beauty Salon using L’Oreal Professionnel.

How to achieve the look:

  • Prep the hair using L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Pli.
  • Blow dry the hair smooth.
  • Using a medium sized barrel tong, create a subtle beach wave.
  • Apply a light mist of L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Beach Waves all over and allow to dry naturally. This is to create a lived-in beach effect.
  • Break up the beach waves by adding one or two small to medium braids.
  • To finish apply a light mist of L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Savage Panache.
Jack Merrick-Thirlway heads the Julien Fournié SS23 show
Jack Merrick-Thirlway heads the Julien Fournié SS23 show
Jack Merrick-Thirlway heads the Julien Fournié SS23 show

Neville creates hair look for the Chopard Art Show

Neville creates hair look for the Chopard Art Show

Chopard Art Fashion Show 2023

Jack Merrick-Thirlway creates the hair look for Chopard’s Art Fashion Show 2023 at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Stylist:

Jack Merrick-Thirlway at ELSL Management supported by Neville Hair & Beauty Salon and Amazon Salon.

How to achieve the look:

  • Prep the hair using Shu Uemura Tsuki Shape. Once applied create a ruvido texture by blasting the hair dry and working the product in from root to tip with a paddle brush for thin and wavy hair. For textured hair blowdry the product in using a round wooden brush with boar bristles.
  • Using a pin tail comb part, the hair in the centre.
  • Select medium sections of hair along the centre parting and create a lived-in wave using a medium barrel tong. Change the direction of the wave for each section alternating between outward and inward facing. Ensure you leave the tips straight.
  • Apply a small drop of L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Liss Control + to your hands and distribute evenly throughout the lengths of the hair to style out the waves.
  • Gather the hair back into a textured ponytail using your fingers and secure at the level of the occipital bone with elastic. Ensure you twist the elastic around the base of the ponytail 6 times to create a 1 cm width to allow for the twist. Elastic should be visible.
  • Using the ponytail length twist the hair on itself and up into a perfectly undone updo, leaving the straight tips out to the bottom left. Secure using pins and grips. The final look will show the tips of the hair visible to the bottom left and the elastic visible on the right.
  • To finish the look, apply a light mist of Kerastase Laque Couture hairspray to remove any flyways.

Photography by Ambra Vernuccio.

Neville commemorates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Neville commemorates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a replica of her iconic look

To commemorate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Neville Tucker recreated Queen Elizabeth II ‘s iconic look. He has paid homage to not only the Queen, but also Charles Martin who was the Queen’s hairdresser for a large part of her sovereignty. Neville worked with Charles for many years at his salon, Neville Daniel on Sloane Street during the early 90s where he held the Royal Warrant.

Here is a step by step guide of how to recreate Her Majesty’s iconic look put together by Neville Tucker, owner of Neville Hair and Beauty and Jack Merrick-Thirlway, creative director. The true beauty of this look stems from true, authentic, old fashioned setting and dressing using only hair brushes, rollers and a hairdryer and no heated tools.

Begin by washing the hair as normal, using shampoo and conditioner. Ensure to use plenty of setting and blow-dry lotion throughout the blow dry process to provide hold. Using a hairdryer, a small brush and small rollers for maximum movement, split the hair into small sections for ideal positioning. Once the rollers are in place, the model is then put under a hood dryer for around half an hour to achieve heat through all the rollers. The elimination of tongs and straighteners at this stage is vital for the iconic, vintage look - going back to basics is the key. Once the hair is completely dry and set, the rollers are removed, and the hair is brushed through. Using a wide tooth comb, the hair is moved into the desired place and silver clips are placed around the curls and waves to keep them in place. Around the back, the hair has been carefully back-combed to achieve volume and hold. Small pins keep the hair tightly in place. The crown is then added at the front once the silver clips are removed around the front and hair covered part of the crown towards the back. Use hairspray to complete the look at to add shine and dynamism.

Neville Hair and Beauty attends Cannes Film Festival

Spencer sisters at the Cannes Film Festival with Chopard and Hair by Neville Hair and Beauty

Cannes Film Festival is all about the glamour with a sprinkle more of glamour, where the world's acting elite gracing the red carpet in all their finery and wearing the most sophisticated hair and make-up looks.

From the designer gowns, to the A-list guests, and the insane amount of diamonds adorning them, Cannes is the place to go if you feel like being next level swanky.

No better stylists to call upon is the Neville Hair and Beauty who are a dab hand creative elegant artistic hair with the wow factor. From side swept chignons to effortless hair from the supermodel era, the team worked tirelessly to tame the tresses of celebrities, Royalty, Ladies, Miss Universe and actresses and actors.

The Neville Hair and Beauty team returned to the Croisette after a 3-year hiatus to celebrate the Festival de Cannes’ 75th edition in partnership with Chopard.

For this year’s edition of the festival, the Neville Hair and Beauty team supported by Philip Martin’s have expressed the quintessence of glamour through the creation of unique hairstyles.

Amongst the list of attendees, the Neville Team have had the pleasure to look after:

  • Lady Amelia & Eliza Spencer
  • French Actress Josephine Japy
  • French sisters Milla and Kookla Lapidus
  • French actor Vincent Elbaz
  • Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli
  • Miss Universe Urvashi Rautela
  • TV host Diala Makki
  • TV host Joelle Mardinian
  • Zara Martin
  • Catrinel Marlon
  • German actress Emilia Schuele
  • Jordan Grant
  • Emma Weymouth
  • Amy Jackson
  • Anastasia Barashkova
  • Did the nails for Candice Swanepoel
  • Madalina Diana Ghenea

Neville launches the Face Lift Blow-Dry

Neville launches the Face Lift Blow-Dry

Hollywood’s best kept secret is out: Neville launches the Face Lift Blow-Dry

Hollywood’s best kept secret has been unveiled and Neville Hair and Beauty have created the technique from the city of angels, which takes years off your face. A technique tweaked by talented senior stylist Afroditi Koutsouki, the Face Lifting blowdry is a small but genius knack that gives a lifted appearance and contours the face giving a tauter, instantaneous snatched face lifted look. Achieved in just under 40 mins, this blowdry is a game changer for those suffering from tired, softer skin.

Neville launches the Face Lift Blow-Dry
Neville launches the Face Lift Blow-Dry - Hollywood’s best kept secret is out
What happens:

Much like any blowdry, the service begins with a thorough shampoo and conditioner before being rough dried to remove any excess water. Then using a brush and hairdryer, the hair is blowdried to your preference. Afroditi sections the hair and draws in thin strands of hair from either side of your face around the temple area, braids the hair very tightly pulling at the back of the head and secures the two braids with an elastic. She then covers the two braids with the rest of the hair, concealing the invisible face lift. The rest of the hair is then rearranged to ensure that the “procedure” remains unseen.

Neville launches the Face Lift Blow-Dry
Neville launches the Face Lift Blow-Dry - Hollywood’s best kept secret is out

This instant boost of a dewy collagen glow, or otherwise known blowdry should not be kept for more than 48 hours to avoid prolonged friction and possible hair damage. And because the health of your hair is paramount to us, a safe removal two days after is included in the cost of the service.

Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll be 100% wrinkle free, the lines on your face will certainly appear faded and skin more taut. Perhaps a solution to delay more invasive procedures?

Beware, this blowdry is highly addictive!

Restore and revive your hair ahead of spring

Restore and revive your hair ahead of spring.

Winter months are known to cause havoc on our hair due to the lack of moisture in the air, so if you have a classic case of winter hair, read on! We turn to senior colourist & stylist Domenico Casella to understand what really happens to our hair during those winter months and why, as well as the best products and treatments available to get your hair back into shape before spring.

So, what causes hair breakage?

There are a multitude of reasons why you may be experiencing breakage over winter months explains Domenico. First and foremost, your hair’s exposure to harsh cold elements such as rain, wind and snow and secondly the constant transition between cold weather and heated indoors. More often than not, this will cause your hair to be stripped from its moisture. Add to that, frequent colouring and the use of heat tools such as curling irons, straighteners or a hairdryer, and it’s easy enough to understand why your hair might be in distress. Not to mention a probably less attentive approach to nutrition, meaning your intake of protein, biotin, zinc of Omega 3 is lower than usual.

The degree of breakage will vary from person to person, with some people experiencing staticky hair, split ends or even hairline breakage.

It is important to note that hairline breakage occurs as the hair around the face tends to be finer than the rest of your hair. This can be caused by excessive bleaching, chemical treatments or repeated wear of high-tension hairstyles.

How to prevent breakage?

Although it may take time to reverse the signs of breakage, there are simple steps that can be taken and included in your haircare routine to prevent breakage from the get go.

This includes:

  • Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel and instead dab hair to remove excess water as wet hair is prone to break more easily.
  • Use a large paddle brush to untangle your hair after it has been washed and start from the tips working your way up and never the other way around.
  • Always apply a heat protector before using any heat appliance. Domenico recommends a lightweight spray heat protector for oily and fine hair, and a creamy / oily textured protector for thicker hair.
  • Do not colour your hair at home, always seek professional advice.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Wear a protective hairstyle such as braids or messy buns.
  • Swap metallic or ceramic brushes for wooden brushes.
  • Regular visits to the salon to your trusted professional, who can recommend an appropriate haircare routine for your specific requirements.

However, if the damage is done fear not! At Neville Hair and Beauty, we have developed an extensive list of treatments designed to tackle pretty much any hair concern and breakage features at the top of our list. But before we dive into the different professional treatments available, it is important to understand growth cycle and how long it is likely to take your hair to recover.

What is the hair growth cycle?

There are 4 stages in your natural hair cycle: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen & Exogen.

  • Anagen: Also commonly known as the ‘Active Phase’ refers to the phase when the cells in the root of your hair are dividing the most rapidly and therefore forming new hair. During this phase, your hair grows at an average of 15cm a year. The ‘Active Phase’ generally lasts between 3-5 years but can vary.
  • Catagen: Following the Anagen phase your hair will enter a 10-day phase called Catagen. This is a short transitional phase which signals the end of the hair growth. It also cuts the blood flow from the cells which produce new hair.
  • Telogen: After the transitional period, your hair will enter the telogen phase, also known as the resting period. This phase lasts approximately 3 months and simply means that during that time your hair will not actively grow.
  • Exogen: The last stage in the hair growth cycle is Exogen, and as the name suggests, it refers to the phase where you shed hair.

Once the cycle is complete, the process will start again. It is important to note that each hair follicle has its individual growth cycle, otherwise we’d frequently end up with no hair.

With that in mind, it is likely to take between 4-6 months to completely restore the health of your hair providing you follow your stylist’s advice.

What are the best professional hair treatments for breakage?


With a blended mix of natural herbs and macadamia oil, this treatment is applied to the roots, lengths and ends of the hair and left to deeply nourish for thirty minutes. It is then washed off at the backwash using sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will be left moisturised, glossy and weightless


Metal Detox is a four-step professional treatment that is designed to prepare the hair before any colour appointment and prevent breakage post service. It aims to rid the hair of any metal that could be affecting the longevity of the colour. This treatment is an ideal accompaniment to any hair colour appointment.


This treatment is most suited to hair that has been damaged by chemical processes and will leave the hair feeling restored and revitalised.


Hair Botox is a treatment that targets frizzy hair and split ends. Your hair will feel lightweight, tamed and shiny.

What are the best at home haircare products for breakage?

Manage and stop breakage now with our tips, to enjoy spring safe in the knowledge you really are living your best hair life!

The Best Hair Treatments for Healthy Shiny Hair

The Best Hair Treatments for Healthy Shiny Hair

If you are prone to using at home haircare as your only source of hair hydration, it’s time we introduce you to professional in salon treatments. You are probably thinking: Do I really need to add yet another step to my already time-consuming haircare routine? The simple answer is yes - well, providing you want your shiniest, healthiest hair yet. According to Elena Lavagni, owner of Neville Hair and Beauty, adding professional haircare treatments to your current regimen is a must. “The various formulations of professional treatments enable us to target a variety of internal and external hair concerns, from frizz to breakage and split ends” she says.

So what makes professional treatments different to those you can buy and do at home?

The main difference between salon treatments and at home treatments is the person carrying out the treatment. In salon hair treatments are carried out by professionals who have undergone extensive training. Not only do they know the best way to use the treatment and a multitude of knacks to enhance its benefits, stylists are also extremely knowledgable when it comes to hair and scalp types and needs. This means that they will be able to provide you with the best treatment so that you can achieve the best results.

Furthermore, adding professional hair treatments to your hair care routine can really help with damage prevention. Hair salons are fully equipped with the latest technology and haircare formulations to enable treatments to fully penetrate your hair and scalp to promote its health. These work wonders on decreasing unwanted hair fall and breakage, such as split ends.

We have a tendency to overlook haircare, but really we should be paying our hair the same attention we would our skin. Hair requires both hydration and moisture in order to remain damage-free, the same way your skin does. The word hydration refers to effects of haircare on the inner layers of the hair, i.e the medulla & cortex, which consist in both the centre of each strand of hair and the thin cells that surround the medulla. Moisture on the hand pertains to the outer layer of the hair. I.e the cuticle which protects the other layers. When you moisturise your hair you are ultimately sealing the water in the hair to avoid it evaporating. By having regular in salon haircare treatments you provide your hair with all the proteins and essentials oils it requires to stay in tip top shape both from the inside and the outside. Failure to do so could result in a loss of elasticity and increased breakage. It’s important to understand that if your hair becomes weak as a result of daily aggressors such as weather and excessive heat, breakage will ensue.

Last but not least, the shine factor! Who doesn’t dream of having of having lustruous locks? Professional hair treatments can help you unlock the next level of shine. The rigorously tested formulations in professional treatments can help bring back shine to your hair in no time.

Elena Lavagni's Top 5 Neville Hair Treatments

Here are the top 5 hair treatments Elena Lavagni swears by for the ultimate in salon hair reset. Please note that although, these treatments may have similar features, they all cater to different hair needs.


A colour add-on peptide-powered treatment aims to rid the hair of metals found in water to provide the best foundation for your hair colour service. The pre-treatment spray helps to prepare the hair for chemical services, whilst the leave in mask rebuilds the keratin protein in the hair.

S.O.S for Hair

A bonding cure that gets into the heart of the hair and immediately shows its effect for excessively stressed and treated hair, thanks to the Elimain®️ technology.

The treatment offers a Duplex option: It protects the hair before professional procedures, making it resistant to corrosive effects and instantly structures stressed hair, making it stronger, healthier and shinier.

Hair Botox

Hair Botox is a treatment that targets frizzy hair and split ends. Your hair will feel lightweight, tamed and shiny.

Fusio Dose

The Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatments combine a concentrate with a booster to personalise the treatment to your unique hair requirements. Based on your needs, your hair stylist will create a customised mix from 20 possible combinations to instantly transform your hair. Your main concern is tackled by the concentré while your secondary concern is tackled by the booster.

Neville Scalp Treatment

Applied at the backwash, this natural clay-based treatment is intended to exfoliate the scalp from dead skin, relieve itchiness and provide a deep nourishing hydration.

The truth about split ends

Jack Merrick-Thirlway reveals how to put an end to split ends.

What are split ends?

Split ends are essentially when a hair shaft splits in half or frays resulting in the ends of the hair forming a V shape rather than a single strand. This happens when the ends of your hair lack moisture. It's also important to note that the the ends of your hair are the oldest parts and therefore prone to general wear and tear.

As well as this, everyday haircare routines can cause the hair to fray, for example: heated tools, hot weather, excessive brushing and chemical processes. Rest assured however, that split ends are a common occurrence for everyone at some point. Creative Director Jack Merrick-Thirlway adds:"The more dry or brittle the hair, the more likely the hair shaft is to split. Coloured blondes are at higher risk of hair fraying because of the strength of chemicals used in the upkeep."

Is there a way to prevent split ends?

Jack recommends using heat protection and avoiding frequent chemical products. However, if colour is not something you are willing to comprise on, you must ensure you are getting sufficient professional hydrating treatments to counterbalance the effects of chemical treatments. He also advises getting regular hair cuts. "To ensure optimal hair health, you should get a professional haircut every six weeks" adds Jack.

At Neville, we offer a state of the art Thermal scissor System also known as the Hot Scissor cut. By cleverly warming the blades, the natural qualities of the hair are preserved by sealing the ends. Permed, bleached and treated hair can all have a slice of the action and will be transformed into healthy hair. This exclusive cutting tool provides a two-pronged attacked. You not only receive a superb Neville cut but are also safe in the knowledge that your hair will be healed.The Thermal Scissor System can be individually adjusted to every quality and length of hair, producing an immediate optimum result. Split hair will become healthy and more resistant.

Can you conceal split ends?

While there is no way to conceal split ends long term other than with a haircut, Jack does admit there is a short term solution to mask split ends. He advises using L'Oreal Professionnel Serum. "This will help disguise split ends by temporarily closing the shaft but ultimately, once the hair is split, it will continue to split until your next haircut".

Recommended Neville treatments for split ends:

Jack's tips for at home:

  • Lower the heat on your hair tools
  • Use heat protection cream before putting any tools on the hair
  • Use weekly deep conditioning masks
  • Get regular trims ( every six weeks)
  • Be gentle when brushing your hair
  • Choose hair products that contain gentle ingredients
  • Swap your elastic bands for silk hair ties
  • Consider sleeping on a silk pillowslip

In summary

Split ends can really affect the appearance of your hair and therefore your moral. So the best remedy is really prevention, as it is not possible to reverse the damage. By adopting a rigorous haircare routine prescribed by your trusted professional you can minimise the appearance of split ends for a happy healthy head of hair.