The Best Hair Treatments for Healthy Shiny Hair

The Best Hair Treatments for Healthy Shiny Hair

If you are prone to using at home haircare as your only source of hair hydration, it’s time we introduce you to professional in salon treatments. You are probably thinking: Do I really need to add yet another step to my already time-consuming haircare routine? The simple answer is yes - well, providing you want your shiniest, healthiest hair yet. According to Elena Lavagni, owner of Neville Hair and Beauty, adding professional haircare treatments to your current regimen is a must. “The various formulations of professional treatments enable us to target a variety of internal and external hair concerns, from frizz to breakage and split ends” she says.

So what makes professional treatments different to those you can buy and do at home?

The main difference between salon treatments and at home treatments is the person carrying out the treatment. In salon hair treatments are carried out by professionals who have undergone extensive training. Not only do they know the best way to use the treatment and a multitude of knacks to enhance its benefits, stylists are also extremely knowledgable when it comes to hair and scalp types and needs. This means that they will be able to provide you with the best treatment so that you can achieve the best results.

Furthermore, adding professional hair treatments to your hair care routine can really help with damage prevention. Hair salons are fully equipped with the latest technology and haircare formulations to enable treatments to fully penetrate your hair and scalp to promote its health. These work wonders on decreasing unwanted hair fall and breakage, such as split ends.

We have a tendency to overlook haircare, but really we should be paying our hair the same attention we would our skin. Hair requires both hydration and moisture in order to remain damage-free, the same way your skin does. The word hydration refers to effects of haircare on the inner layers of the hair, i.e the medulla & cortex, which consist in both the centre of each strand of hair and the thin cells that surround the medulla. Moisture on the hand pertains to the outer layer of the hair. I.e the cuticle which protects the other layers. When you moisturise your hair you are ultimately sealing the water in the hair to avoid it evaporating. By having regular in salon haircare treatments you provide your hair with all the proteins and essentials oils it requires to stay in tip top shape both from the inside and the outside. Failure to do so could result in a loss of elasticity and increased breakage. It’s important to understand that if your hair becomes weak as a result of daily aggressors such as weather and excessive heat, breakage will ensue.

Last but not least, the shine factor! Who doesn’t dream of having of having lustruous locks? Professional hair treatments can help you unlock the next level of shine. The rigorously tested formulations in professional treatments can help bring back shine to your hair in no time.

Elena Lavagni's Top 5 Neville Hair Treatments

Here are the top 5 hair treatments Elena Lavagni swears by for the ultimate in salon hair reset. Please note that although, these treatments may have similar features, they all cater to different hair needs.


A colour add-on peptide-powered treatment aims to rid the hair of metals found in water to provide the best foundation for your hair colour service. The pre-treatment spray helps to prepare the hair for chemical services, whilst the leave in mask rebuilds the keratin protein in the hair.

S.O.S for Hair

A bonding cure that gets into the heart of the hair and immediately shows its effect for excessively stressed and treated hair, thanks to the Elimain®️ technology.

The treatment offers a Duplex option: It protects the hair before professional procedures, making it resistant to corrosive effects and instantly structures stressed hair, making it stronger, healthier and shinier.

Hair Botox

Hair Botox is a treatment that targets frizzy hair and split ends. Your hair will feel lightweight, tamed and shiny.

Fusio Dose

The Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatments combine a concentrate with a booster to personalise the treatment to your unique hair requirements. Based on your needs, your hair stylist will create a customised mix from 20 possible combinations to instantly transform your hair. Your main concern is tackled by the concentré while your secondary concern is tackled by the booster.

Neville Scalp Treatment

Applied at the backwash, this natural clay-based treatment is intended to exfoliate the scalp from dead skin, relieve itchiness and provide a deep nourishing hydration.