Caring for textured Hair

Textured Hair treatment Neville

All hair types are made from the same protein rich material, irrespective of thickness, yet all have their independent set of needs to keep them looking their best and that applies to Afro hair too.

Just like you would with skin, hair requires maintenance and like with everything, effort and dedication pay off. Providing you follow the right tips you can get your hair looking great on the outside but also boasting health on the inside.

One of the key things to note, is that not all curls are the same. We tend to categorise hair as either straight or curly, but there’s so much more to it. For example, curls could be defined as soft waves, corkscrew ringlets or even tight Afro hair. And that’s why we love them, because they encompass such a large variety different types of curls. It is important when looking after your curls, to understand what your specific curl types needs and loves. Once you do, you’ll be able with the help of a specialist, pick the professional treatments and homecare you need to get your hair looking its best.

Interestingly enough, curls and particularly Afro curls look dense and thick, but are most likely fine and porous. What does this mean? That your hair is prone to damage and breakage, more so than straighter hair types. That’s why if you have curly hair you might think that your hair grows slower than your friends with straighter hair. Truth is, it isn’t! Your growth rate is probably exactly the same, but breakage will prevent your hair from reaching its growth potential.

Another reason you may find your curly hair is not reaching its optimum length is its zig zag shape. Afro hair grows close the scalp, curling in towards itself rather than down your back and can prevent your scalps natural oils from spreading evenly. Natural oils are paramount to ensuring healthy hair that shine because without them your hair can become dry and brittle and result in breakage.

So, what’s the first step to embracing curly, textured or afro hair?

We recommend speaking to a specialist and having a proper consultation, if you are looking to embrace your curls. It’s important to find someone who really understands your hair type and someone you can trust.

Textured hair will require a multitude of treatments to help retain the strength and moisture in the hair. This will apply even if you have looser curls, as oils have a harder time spreading evenly on curly hair. Extra TLC is required to avoid it getting dry.

At Neville we offer the following moisturising and protein treatments in the salon to help kickstart your healthy hair journey.

  • The Kerastraight Moisture Mask which repairs, renews and hydrates the hair as it is packed with lightweight moisture capturing ingredients Palmeira Tucuma and Carob Bean Extract. This nutrient-rich mask repairs & re-hydrates dry and damaged hair, leaving it feeling sumptuously soft and renewed with sensational shine.
  • The Kerastraight Protein Mask which repairs, renews and reconstructs the hair thanks to its advanced blend of hydrolysed wheat proteins, designed to repair and reconstruct your hair. It forms a protein net which transforms fine, weak and damaged hair, leaving behind hair that shines, is significantly stronger and incredibly soft to touch.
  • Curl Therapy, a treatment designed to return the shape to curly and wavy hair, speeding up the capillary transition process. Curl Therapy helps control volume, curls and increases definition of hair strands. After the treatment your hair will be left hydrated, repaired internally and with perfect definition.

In addition to regular in salon treatments, it is vital to follow adopt a simple homecare plan.

If on the other hand you are looking to achieve straighter or smoother hair, there are a number of chemical free alternatives. At Neville we refuse to use anything that could endanger you or those around you, such as keratins than contain formaldehyde. Instead, we recommend one of the following treatments:

  • Avlon texture release enhances manageability while providing radiant shine. Its combination of ingredients helps hold the hair in the desired shape, protecting it from thermal damage.
  • The Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment is an evolution in straightening and repair. This semi-permanent treatment has been designed to transform even the most difficult hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to maintain and gorgeous to the touch.

Whatever you heart desires, whether its curl queen or sleek goddess, at Neville we will ensure we always put the health of your hair first.