Textured Hair Specialist

Textured Hair Specialist Kashif Bishop

There is a very real deficit in the UK when it comes to education and training around textured hair which needs to change, and we are addressing this major hair issue.

At Neville Hair and beauty, we believe everyone deserves a pro salon experience whatever your curl pattern. The salon provides a detailed menu that covers curly 3a to a coily 4C. We are forever addressing clients’ needs and are extremely fortunate and proud to now provide clients with the skills of Textured Hair Specialist Kashif Bishop. Kash as he is known to the team, hails from twin Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. His history is rooted in hair with his late father and Top Stylist Terry Bishop inspiring Kash.

Kash’s flair for hair has landed him regular gigs at LFW, trans- forming the manes of models with the Neville artistic team for shows such as @lovejimmypaul and the CSM Graduate show. What makes Kash so popular is his styling breadth but equal emphasis on hair health and maintenance.

Kash explains, ‘One of the key things I always take into consideration is that not all curls are the same. We tend to categorise hair as either straight or curly, but there’s so much more to it. For example, curls could be defined as soft waves, corkscrew ringlets or even tight afro hair. It is important when looking after your curls, to understand what your specific curl types needs and loves.’

At Neville Salon you are provided with a full free in-depth consultation, if you are looking to embrace your curls Kash understands it’s important to find a stylist who really understands your hair type and someone you can trust.

Whether you're going for the big chop, switching up your braids, trying out a sleek new silk do or a curl, treat yourself to a total pro salon experience with Kash.