Introducing Henna 2.0 and Shatush

New to Neville Hair & Beauty is senior colourist and Hybrid Hair pioneer Domenico Casella. Hailing from Italy Domenico has brought over some new colour techniques to the salon including Henna 2.0 - a new way to tone hair, treat for moisture and shine and highlight using your own natural greys, and Shatush; a free hand technique that only highlights hair that would be sun-kissed.

Similar to balayage, Shatush is extremely soft and the results subtle. It’s the perfect colour service for those wishing to add dimension to their hair. Exclusive to Domenico the Neville Shatush is created using his finger tips and a cone only.

The cone is used to achieve a gradient effect. The hair closer to the cone is darker and more blended, whereas the external hair which surround the face is brighter and lighter in colour. By using the cone, he can achieve a similar effect to balayage. By using his hands on the cone he has more versatility and can create colour without using foils, which is ultimately better for the condition of the hair and does protect it from the heat.

This technique is better suited to someone who is really looking for a natural effect, less fuss, less regrowth.

The results of the hybrid colour with the cone are more natural and unlike standard balayage, the hybrid colour technique is extremely visual and unlike any other colour technique seen to this day. By using his fingertips and hands to apply the colour, this enables him to delicately place colour whereas a brush stroke can have a more pronounced effect. Domenico likes working with his hands as he is more in control with the sensitivity of the hair.

Price From £310