Henna is making a headstrong comeback

Henna hair dye is making a headstrong comeback due to its natural offerings and shimmering results. Henna helps you cut out harsh chemicals from your beauty routine. It is Paraben- and sulfate-free and an all-natural beautifier that is the perfect antidote to colour, heat and product fatigued locks.

The Philip Martin’s Henné system, exclusive to Neville Hair and Beauty salon, gives clients a stunning palette of colours that produce a glorious glazed effect through the brush strokes of light which exalt the glare of the hair. The end result is micro lights. This toner works wonders on ladies gracefully going grey but desire a three-dimensional vibrant look. A 100% plant-based pigment that adds colour to the shaft of each hair, so that the hair also feels fuller. Rather than a bleach-based colour that strips and thins your hair.

Phillip Martins Henné System uses a mix of eleven colouring herbs, ingredients from the earth and nature cleverly blended with the Lawsonia Inermis and the Henné plant in order to achieve an eight-nuance palette which can give birth to a wide variety of tonalities and shiny transparent reflexes.

The Henne system is a bespoke colour service where the colour blend is personalised for each client. You will never meet anyone with the same colour hair as you! The colour matches your own skin tone creating a total harmony where nature is your hair saviour. Not forgetting the health aspect for your scalp and hair when the Henne System is applied.

Henna is packed with vitamins and nutrients and also aids scalp circulation. By using Henna, you are helping your scalp get some much-needed pampering. Research has shown that by turning to henna it will help eliminate split ends.

Henna is an environmentally sustainable product that respects the health of the hairdresser and the customer. Henna focuses on the wellness of the scalp and hair.

The Philip Martin’s Henné system is for clients that want totally natural and delicate colourings with no trace of chemicals. The Philip Martin’s Henné is the solution which combines the aesthetics needs of the operators which use a natural colouring system in the hair salon with specific needs related to the astringent and rebalancing effects on the scalp. The mixture of herbs has an aromatherapy effect which acts on the wellness of the senses.


  • Reflects grey hair
  • Tones, purifies, hydrates and gives volume
  • Gives shine and re-pigments faded and lifeless hair
  • Accentuates the natural reflects in the hair


  • Improves the condition of the hair
  • Rebalances scalp
  • Does not contain Sodium Piicramate
  • 100% natural