Halo Face Framing

Halo Face Framing

Neville Hair and Beauty introduces the Halo Face Framing technique by Seniz Alkan.

Like a work of art Seniz’s creative hands can frame the face with a new method using the finest of lights that she places around the hairline. When everything feels flat and monotone in the winter months this arty technique can lift you and your hair and just lightens the skin tone a notch, so you get that winter sun kissed or ski kissed glow!

To make sure this look is clean as it its fresh, Seniz slightly back combs so it isn't close to the roots to give a more organic look where the hairline melts so its mellow to the eye. Who wears its best - the likes of Jennifer Lopez can carry it off well and a cool surfer!

Focusing on the ‘framework’ of hair around the face gives that lift and touch of lightness that has a more youthful fresh feel, giving that ‘halo’ sun kissed effect. Seniz explains “ The key here is blending, with no harsh lines. The colours are bright, clean, and not yellow – creating beautiful golden tones and lots of fresh white. Gone are the days of broken overlapped highlights.”

Armed with a tinting brush so the colour Seniz sets to work she can also adjust the foils so if you desire you get a chunkier frame to the face. This look is low maintenance and grows out far better than ever before, meaning healthier hair, only touching up the roots and no bleaching of the ends.

It’s a win win colour technique only to be found at Neville Hair and Beauty created by Seniz.