Belgravia Darlings

As the sun sets over the sparkling Riviera, the Cannes Film Festival casts its glow, bringing together the worlds of film, fashion, and unsurpassed glamour. In this special edition of Elena’s Edit, I’m excited to take you behind the scenes of Cannes, where the Neville Hair and Beauty Creative Team showcased their artistry, crafting spectacular looks that graced the red carpet.

Spotlight on Celebrity Style at Cannes

This year at Cannes, my team, elevated celebrity styling to new heights. From the elegant, polished ballet knots to the luxurious power ponytails, each style was a masterpiece, harmonising perfectly with the couture gowns and dazzling atmosphere of the festival.

3 Looks, that epitomise how each celebrity evolves over the week of the festival, are the beautifully intricate styles showcased by Lady Emma Thynn, the Marchioness of Bath.

  1. The Elegant Chignon – Created by Jack Merrick-Thirlway for Lady Emma Thynn, this hairstyle used Sacha Juan’s styling range to deliver a look of classic sophistication with a modern twist. Perfect for the red carpets of Cannes.
  2. The Sophisticated Ballet KnotKash Bishop transformed the traditional ballet bun into a polished and refined statement piece, utilising Sacha Juan Styling Cream for a sleek finish that complemented the chic silhouettes of Cannes’ evening wear.
  3. The Exaggerated Luxurious Power Pony – Crafted by Jack specifically for Emma Thynn’s appearance at the AMFAR Gala, this voluminous ponytail was enhanced with Sacha Juan Shine Serum, providing a luminous sheen that captured every photographer’s lens.
Marco Bahler

Beauty Beyond the Red Carpet: The Team Takes us Back Stage

This year’s highlight was the collaboration with Chopard’s Couture by Caroline, where our very own Jack Merrick-Thirlway and my talented team crafted the look that perfectly complemented the luxurious garments and exquisite jewellery. A standout style, a playful yet sophisticated chignon, an embodiment of both classic elegance and modern flair, which became the crowning glory of the evening. Jack’s dedication to detail ensured each style was not just seen but felt, enhancing the allure of each model.

With celebrities like Bella Hadia and Demi Moore, in attendance to the show, along with top model Eva Herzigova, gracefully walking the runway. The evening was a testament to our team’s excellence and desirability with the designers and fashion houses that request to work with us.

Hair Trend

The ethereal twists of the chignon with the strength and detail of the centre part, this look was tailored to not only match the opulent outfits but also to make a statement that resonated along the Riviera.

Jack shared his thoughts on this beautiful design:

“Last night’s runway was a testament to timeless style as we unveiled the young, fresh twisted chignon. This isn’t just any up-do; it’s a fusion of classic charm with a modern twist, meticulously crafted to captivate and enchant. Each chignon was designed with an eye for detail, ensuring that it not only complemented the couture but also enhanced the wearer’s natural beauty, perfect for the glamorous ambiance of Cannes.”

With the support of Show Pony Hair extensions and L’Oréal Professionnel styling products this intricate up-do embodies both traditional elegance and contemporary sophistication. Making it a perfect choice for any high-profile occasion. It’s styles like these that showcase our commitment to innovation and excellence in hairdressing, ensuring every client feels nothing short of spectacular.

Chopard | Show Pony

The Glamour of Sustainability

Marco Bahler

Echoing our commitment to sustainability, we embraced eco-friendly practices throughout our styling processes, from using products like Sacha Juan with responsible ingredients to adopting techniques that minimise environmental impact.

Cannes is not just a stage for style but also for showcasing how beauty can go hand-in-hand with care for our planet.


Your Invitation to Experience Cannes’ Glamour

For those inspired by the lavish beauty and intricate hairstyles seen at Cannes, I invite you to visit Neville Hair and Beauty. Whether you’re attending a gala or looking to infuse some cinematic glamour into your daily look, our team is here to recreate the magic. Book a consultation, and let us tailor a celebrity-worthy look just for you.

As we close this Cannes special edition, remember that beauty is not just seen; it is to be felt and experienced. Here’s to living our most glamorous lives, inspired by the nights of Cannes, where every moment is a scene from a beautiful narrative.

Wishing you a season of beauty and breathtaking moments,