Blades of Fire

Blades Of Fire - Neville Thermal Scissors

Creative Director and session stylist Jack Merrick-Thirlway has a weapon of mass protection. Behold, the Thermal Scissors System, a revolution in hairdressing and hair cutting.

The state-of-the-art Thermal Scissor System is the go-to hair hero. By cleverly warming the blades, the natural qualities of the hair are preserved by sealing the ends.

Permed, bleached and treated hair can all have a slice of this new scissor action and will be totally transformed into healthy hair.

This innovative cutting tool provides a two-pronged attack. You receive a superb Neville Hair & Beauty cut with the knowledge your hair is being treated to a new type of cut, that will heal your hair for good.

As Jack cuts hair, the ends of the hair are sealed, and the hair is largely transformed into its original state. This means important bodily moisture and care substances are preserved. The hair is effectively protected from environmental pressures.

  • Fine hair will be given more volume
  • Split hair will become healthy and more resistant
  • Permed hair will be given more elasticity
  • Dull, brittle hair will be regenerated
  • Every type of hair will be easier to style

The temperature of the Thermal hot scissors can be adjusted from 110°C / 230°F for fine hair to 170°C / 338°F for thick with additional split ends therapy. However, the stylist and clients are protected from the heat of the warm scissors by exceptional insulation.

The action of the Thermal Scissors seals the ends and hair is given a closed cutting surface and can no longer become fibrous. If applied regularly, split ends will simply disappear.

Now there is every excuse to get hot headed about this revolutionary hair hero.