Endosphères Therapy® Body + Venus Versa Multi Polar Radio Frequency

Endospheres Therapy® is the new solution to cellulite. The treatment’s compressive micro-vibrations reshape your body with low frequency mechanical vibrations that reduce “saddle bags” on the outer thighs, reduce the appearance of “orange peel skin” and eliminates excess liquids giving a sense of lightness to your body and especially your legs. In addition, Endospheres Therapy® treatment allows reactivation of blood circulation and therefore improves skin tropism and cellular oxygenation. It tones muscles, treats back pain, neck pain, stress relief, sluggish colon, cellulite and water retention. For more effective results we suggest combining Endospheres Therapy® with Venus Versa Multi Polar Radio frequency to contour and reshape more stubborn body areas.

This non-invasive treatment uses MP2 technology made up of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, to simultaneously treat multiple concerns such as lax skin and cellulite, contouring the body and giving smoother, slimmer appearance. Together these energies increase collagen and stimulate a natural healing response. The result is a dramatic improvement to the appearance of the skin and more contoured body with no pain or downtime. MP2 have been used in aesthetic medicine for many years and are proven and effective technology for all skin types.

The treatment acts on:
Lymphatic drainage
Muscle Toning
Pain relief

Areas of Application:
Thighs, hips, around the knees, buttocks, belly, arms, back and sides.

Endospheres therapy 1 hr | £185
Endospheres therapy & RF Body Contouring 1 hr | £185
Endospheres therapy & RF Body Contouring 1,5 hr | £245