Three sections of the client's hair is interlaced to form a plait. This can either be close to the scalp in a french braid or the length of the hair is interlaced to form a traditional plait depending on client preference.
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Comb Out
A comb out usually takes place a day after a blow dry or roller set appointment and is designed to help maintain the soft and sleek look of your blowdry or set for longer.
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Tong Perm
The Tong Perm has all the benefits of a natural perm but without the chemical damage. Achieved using a heated curler, the Tong Perm is easily achieved for a specific event without having to commit long term. So there is the perfect excuse to Perm even if it is just for a day!
45 min Tong Perm from £80
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60 min Tong Perm from £110
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