Your 7-step summer glamour action plan

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How do the world’s most glamorous stay picture perfect on their beach holidays? These tips, techniques and treatments will keep you at your summer best.


1. Update your manicure

The new Essie colours are right on trend for summer – bright and bold Fiery Spice chilled out Valet To My Chalet. Both pop against a tan for a summer look with a sense of humour. Opt for a gel manicure and keep nails glossy and flawless for up the three weeks. Guaranteed to carry you from the sun lounger to the bar.

Elena’s top tip: Although sun creams are gentle on nails be careful with alcohol based ones like P20, which play havoc with glossy polish.


 2. Keep your hair strong

That ultimate relaxing summer holiday is actually the most stressful time of the year for your hair. Sun, sea and chlorine can leave locks frazzled and dry – which is a complete spoiler when you feel at your best. Take action before you go: Olaplex is a revolutionary new treatment proven to target hair strand structure, reconnecting bonds broken by the process of permanent hair colouring. It will give hair the strength it needs to stand up to summer.

Elena’s top tip: It may be tempting to go for a colour change just before a holiday but sun and swimming can cause colour to fade or change. Book a colouring appointment at least 2 weeks before you go or wait until you get home instead.


3. Be beach body confident

So you’ve been on the pre-holiday eating plan and you’ve even been hitting the gym. But however much kale you eat or crunches you do that stubborn cellulite is impossible to shift. Although a change in diet and exercise can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, it can never completely erase it. Don’t despair; you can still take on the bikini with confidence. Our unique Body Reshaping Anti-Cellulite Massage stimulates the lymphatic system and aids lymphatic drainage, which breaks down fibrous tissues and fat cells leading to the loss of fatty deposits. One treatment can dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite and help contour the body, leaving you feeling beach-body-fabulous.

Elena’s top tip: In between massage treatments there are ways to keep the appearance of cellulite at bay. Dry brushing stimulates blood flow to the skin aiding healthy drainage, and drinking plenty of water promotes elasticity for smoother problem areas.


4. Book a 5 day blowie

You’ll never get a second chance to create a good first impression. Step off the plane looking fabulous no matter how long you’ve been in transit. Neville’s world famous 5-day blow dries start with the Shu Uemera 12 drops oil therapy, individually balanced to create wonderfully soft, moisturised hair that is also light and free. This foundation allows stylists to create a perfect coiffure that will see you through a whole week, as it doesn’t rely on heavy products to keep the shape.

Elena’s top tip: It’s not jut hair that suffers on long flights; recycled air and constant air-conditioning are incredibly dehydrating and can leave skin parched. Make sure you buy a 2litre bottle of water before you fly and keep drinking throughout the flight. Airhostesses are happy to top up on long journeys.


5. Don’t forget your hair when it comes to sun and sea protection

Everyone knows the importance of protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, but do you remember to protect your hair too? Come to Neville to pick up your essential supply of Kerastase products specifically designed to protect and mitigate damage from sun-exposure. Protect hair from sunstroke and ensure your locks come home from holiday just as relaxed as you.

Elena’s top tip: Help hair and skin recover after a day in the sunshine. Use a rich moisturiser and conditioner and apply liberally. If you find yourself unable to get a decent conditioning product, avocado makes a wonderful, natural, treatment.  


6. Book a cut for when you return, not before you go

Vitamin D is essential to keep hair and nails healthy. Summer holidays ramp up your natural vitamin D production, which means you may return with longer locks (not to mention the change in colour). Gentle cuts with a soft finish help highlight natural enhancements so a cut before you go is often a waste of time. Wait until you get back and see what you have to work with, you can even tackle those split ends that have crept in during sun and sea exposure.

Elena’s top tip: If you’ve been inspired by a new look or shot it’s best not to rush to nearest salon and ask for the carbon copy. Face shape, eye colour, skin condition and neckline are just some of the aspects that need to be considered when choosing a style. It’s easy to get overexcited and choose something that won’t suit. Come to Neville for a free consultation and let our experts guide you. 


7. Try a new colour

Summer is season of fun so don’t leave your hair in the shade. THE trend this summer is carefree pastel hues. Our L’Oreal colours wash out in two weeks – the perfect solution for a holiday of fun in the sun. Or why not try one of Neville salon’s exclusive colouring options. Both the Neville Brondi and the Chelsea Glow bring hair out into the light whether you are blonde or brunette. Don’t forget to book a couple of weeks in advance to stop any unwanted fade and remember that highlights will continue to brighten in the sunshine.

Elena’s top tip: While on holiday it’s crucial that coloured hair is treated properly. Make sure you have products designed to stop colour fade or change, so that you can maintain your perfect look. Speak to your stylist about which products are right for your hair. 


Bonus step: It’s not just for the ladies…


If you’re about to go on holiday or soak up some good old British sunlight in your flip flops, a good clean-up is an absolute necessity if your feet have been huddled up in winter socks and boots and hidden from the light of day for the last 6 months! The popularity of male grooming is on the rise, and there’s nothing more attractive than a man who knows how to take care of himself!

Elena’s top tip: To keep your feet in top condition in between pedi’s – keep a pumice stone in the shower and give feet a good scrub every so often. Especially round the edges.






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