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  1. Revenge of the blonde – This autumn, our clients just can’t get enough of the new grown out summer colour – the sombré – and no one in the world can create this look quite like Anja Burton. Anja made a name for herself styling the top stars in LA, but she has now relocated to Neville Hair & Beauty and has brought the American sun with her. Her signature style – her ‘month by the beach look’ – is a combination of careful colour choice and exceptional attention to detail. She starts with an injection of health and shine – using Olaplex or a shine gloss treatment to quench parched hair, and then recommending a follow-up routine of products to keep hair in optimum condition. Anja then works to bring out your natural colour variation, enhancing highlights with soft colours expertly matched to your skin tone. Instead of adding red tones for a winter warm up, Anja prefers to create a golden, shimmering LA-style heat. The aim: clear and pure looking hair that emulates the natural perfection of natural childhood highlights, but which is grown-up enough to take you from the boardroom to the bar.


  1. Texture – As we’re sure you know by now, this season’s top trend is texture, be it a messed, wavy blowdry that creates curls around cheek and jaw, or an undone knot worn on the nape of your neck. The pursuit of texture also extends well beyond styling: Techniques of razor and point cutting are experiencing a renaissance – sculpting textured, sharp ends in a free style full of life. At Neville Hair and Beauty, we create a style based on your natural movement and shape – if you have slightly wild hair, for example, why keep it caged? Set the wilderness free – we cut dry and highlight natural variation to produce an easy to maintain bouncy result that’s all yours.


  1. Midi length – everyone is going for the chop, it’s flattering, feminine, sophisticated and fun. The midi comes with an extra dose of attitude, texture and movement. At Neville Hair and Beauty we like to combine with an unstructured style that lets your hair fall to the side or centre naturally – just the sweep of a hand reveals new shape and variation for a look as variable as yourself. Trust Cristian or Stephen to create the perfect style for you.


  1. Health as the new beauty – flawless, dewy skin, clear eyes and full lips are all you will ever need to look truly beautiful. Your hair should be an extension of this perfection, falling gently from root to tip free from splits or frizz. Come into our friendly salon for a deep conditioning treatment, Brazilian blowdry or Olpalex to achieve luscious, healthy hair.
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