EGO Professional smoothes tresses using a chemical-free treatment that targets dry, unruly and brittle hair.

It takes just a few minutes to apply using the Ego Therapy non-heated tool, which utilises Ultrasonic Cold Therapy Infrared ‘nano’ technology. During this process, magnetic ultrasounds pulsating at 36,000 times per second cause the molecular structure of pre-applied hair treatment products to become miniaturised so that they can penetrate deeper into the shaft of your hair. This allows all the goodness to soak in and the superfast vibrations promote the production of essential amino acids and proteins which form the building blocks of your hair’s structural make up.



This is a unique spa haircare that seals in the hair’s moisture to create healthy, youthful locks. Water is boiled to generate a mist which is steamed over the hair, penetrating deep into the follicles. The micro mist treatment has six main functions which include: hot wind for warming up, fog for absorbing nutriments, cold fog for helping the hair cortex absorb nutriments, ozone for sterilizing and disinfecting and aromatic remedy for purifying the hair with water. The Mist-ifying Treatment will leave hair looking and feeling luxuriously healthy. From £90.



Botox for Locks is a Keratin treatment that keeps hair shiny, youthful and full of life while eliminating split ends and damaged hair.

A Keratin Collagen Mask is applied onto dry hair and is then ironed, which forces hair follicles to open up, driving and sealing the ingredients into the inner core of each follicle. Next, hair is soaked in a Keratin Bath where the hair is washed and immersed in Keratin, followed by an intense 20-minute lifting head massage. The massage keeps hair thick and the scalp healthy, driving the ingredients further into shafts, nourishing the roots and stimulating the circulation to the scalp. The treatment is finished with a blow dry where the heat from the hairdryer enables further absorption of the treatment leaving hair fully nourished.



The quest for healthy, full, shiny hair begins with a healthy scalp. In the same way that using the right skin care can help our skin to look healthier and younger, using regular scalp masks to exfoliate and stimulate can help promote a healthy scalp and hair. As our hair is made of the protein keratin, a poor diet can also contribute to the cause of hair loss.

Paolo Lai gives hair and scalp a magnified consultation by using the Kerastase Scalp Camera which magnifies skin and hair 600 times, followed by the treatment which includes brushing, organic oils, exfoliation, a head-tingling shiatsu massage and a steam.

This follicle refreshment takes an hour and will give lifeless hair, itchy scalp a whole new life.



An indulgent and blissful hour-long session leaving your hair incredibly soft, supple and shiny, as well as pampering the scalp to sooth and hydrate. The masque enriched with essential fatty acids and ceramides combined with antioxidants and vitamins A and E in the caviar pearls gives you the best looking and feeling hair and scalp. From £150.



A relaxing, hour-long session which leaves your hair incredibly soft, supple and shiny, as well as pampering the scalp to sooth and hydrate. Both the hair and scalp are treated using Neem oil. You are then placed under a dry-steam machine to allow the oil to penetrate deeply into each hair shaft. This treatment naturally helps your hair become stronger, feel softer and look shiny and healthy. From £90.



From £40.

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