THIS IS LOVE… Neville with Todd Lynn at LC:M

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It’s pure and simple, as the title claims. This also happens to be a PJ Harvey song, with the very potent video where she wears that sexy, white body-hugging suit designed by Todd Lynn that I just cannot get out of my head. PJ Harvey was also part of the rock-studded audience (which also included Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran) at the designer’s London Collections: Men come-back and his RTW ’15 presentation where my Neville team, headed by Stephen Low, created and executed the hair. Or shall I quote Style.Com and call it ‘big, bobbed brunette identi-wigs’

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I think that this description of the hair-look was more complicated than its execution even though you have to bear in mind that when my team works backstage at any fashion show, they make the whole process appear so nice and easy, that you never feel they are undertaking a laborious task or adventure.

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My team all take their cue from Stephen Low, who is calmness and focus personified – and I never tire of watching him in action. In fact, every single wig was shaped, blow-dried and cropped (either on a doll or on a ‘live’ model) by the master himself – and all in less than two hours. Those unisex wigs had to unify the boy-girl-boy-girl model line up in a collection that was pure rock-n-roll in its essence. Think Patty Smith or the Ramones, think long sexy silhouettes and music that cries for more, more, more…


It’s not a surprise that Todd Lynn has been called ‘Rock and Roll’s best-kept secret’. He has created stage looks for U2, the Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love and Beyoncé. At this London Collections: Men showcase, he was supported by Slaves, who blasted up the place and put the smile on my face with their ‘I love you more when you’re angry with me because you are so boring when you are nice’ lyrics. Fashion shows are all about having the right ingredients and all I can say is that this Todd Lynn comeback went off with a very big bang. For those in the audience who later not only claimed that they’ve ‘gone deaf’ but also wrote about that for high-profiled fashion titles, I suggest that next time they research the designer whose show they are attending and also perhaps, if they happen to mention the hair, also credit the team who did it. Because a fashion show is not only about the clothes – it’s about the whole ‘look’ – and that starts from the hair down…

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