The TLC ( keraplex ) is a combination between keratin and Olaplex. This harmonious blend between the two will really help to transform brittle, over-processed/over sensitised hair which in effect is a complete reconstruction from the cortex (the deepest point of the hair shaft)


Olaplex is a rebonding system which effectively rebonds/repairs hair that is damaged (mainly through colour and heat damage from continuous blowdries) allowing the individual to ‘save’ their hair as oppose to cutting inches off.

Keratin Blowdry

The Keratin blowdry is not to be confused with ‘Brazilian blowdry’ as keratin is merely the ‘protein’ that hair naturally had but is lost through life’s wear and tear/styling etc. The difference from a ‘Brazilian blowdry’ is the amount of chemical (formaldehyde) in a particular product. Formaldehyde is the ‘de-frizzing’ agent and is a much needed ingredient for long term effectiveness (the same way ammonia is the much needed ingredient in colour). As much as there is a lot of speculation it is important to know that Used in the right manner, formaldehyde is NOT damaging to ones health. Keratin with the right percentage of formaldehyde creates silky/smooth hair hence ‘sealing’ bonds so that they become stronger and less easy to break.

NB: The hair does not necessarily have to be ‘straight’ from having a keratin (Brazilian blowdry).

As an overall outlook, olaplex will rebond the hair and Keratin will seal the rebonding as well and restoring protein thus leaving a finished result of stronger, smoother and shinier locks.

“ A must have for any woman who colours their hair”