The Story of Neville’s LFW I Never Knew I’d Written

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There is only one business faux-pas when you run the top London hair &beauty salon and that is NOT to take part in two-seasonal London Fashion Week. Apparently London currently rules amongst the ‘big four’ fashion weeks and attracts a record number of buyers and journalists eclipsing my favourite Italian ‘brothers’ in Milan. London has been my home for many years now and my life has been beautifully interlinked with the best that this city has to offer when it comes to fashion and beauty. Still attending the LFW with my highly creative Neville team as part of the L’Oreal Professional Portfolio was a special moment for me during the A/W 13 showcase in February when spring looked like it’s just round the corner.



Backstage at Central St Martin’s show, the college that has nurtured so many top British designers, was an exciting place to mingle with iconic names such as the tutor par excellence Louise Wilson and Hillary Alexander who, as London’s most respected fashion commentator, was there to offer her invaluable support. Neville’s team was lead by our star-stylist Stephen Low whose skill and creativity still manages to take my breath away, especially when he effortlessly manages to coiffure the required look out of nothing. In my opinion the time of ‘big hairdressing names’ is a thing of the past and so little is usually written about the ‘team effort’ of any given London salon. Still, Stephen Low makes an exception for exactly those reasons, as he encourages his hairdressing team on every given task with utmost excellence.


London Fashion Week was again a great opportunity for me to bond with Catherine MacMahon, a formidable lady who also happens to be the L’Oreal Professional Portfolio Manager. Together, we checked through some wonderful Neville’s coverage in the international press (Designare, Singapore). There were two beautiful pages recorded at our last LFW venture when Stephen Low also led the team behind some ethereal looks at Craig Lawrence’s S/S 13 show. I am sure that our February presence at LFW will generate even more picture-wordy coverage – especially those photogenic moments where some of my hair stylists looked like top male models themselves! Take note British Fashion Council… your menswear shows are just around the corner!


There is also another business faux-pas in my opinion and that is not to extend your horizons when it comes to hot fashion destinations. Neville’s team is currently undertaking a major Monaco based campaign but let me tell you more about that next time. Stay tuned and stay well.


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