Tools of the trade – who needs them when it comes to the latest colouring technique which is all about art and creativity. Introducing Palm Painting at Neville for 2017.

Palm Painting is an innovative technique created by Brazilian Stylist, Marcos. Ditching all the usual paraphernalia that comes with colouring its just your hair, Marcus’s creative artistic eye and his professional palms!

Cutting colour waiting time down by at least 40 minutes and giving you a total hands on approach to colour, this will be the moment you ditch the full metal foil head for something utterly refreshing.

Marcos comment’s, “I love using my method, it means I have to look at my clients hair as a whole, rather than decompartmentalizing. I need to work in natural light,  so I can see my client’s shape of the head and the natural pigment of the hair colour. With foils you have a method, a pattern. Palm Painting breaks all these rules. Its not for every colourist.”

By picking out the lighter areas, he works on enhancing and lifting. Thus delivering a soft, uncontrived effect. Similarly, the Palm Painting produces a gentle, more unaffected appearance, avoiding harsh, angular foil lines.

More time is spent on creating the look rather than the prep of foils and back combing and fiddling around with a brush and palette.

His innovative technique creates a free-flowing, effortless look by gradually teasing colour through the mid-lengths to the tips of the hair using his palm.

Compared to finger painting, the palm is a larger surface area than your finger,  so the colour is less bitty. Its more free flowing and kinder on the eye.

So hands up for Palm Painting – the latest colour method EXCLUSIVE to Neville Hair and Beauty.