Neville’s Vogue Night Out at Hotel Cafe Royal…

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…was truly a night to remember!

My team and I love our home city and never tire of celebrating the fact that we are ‘a London salon’ especially at international fashion events. We even coined a phrase that ‘you go to Paris for fashion, Milan for accessories, New York for business and London for – the best hair-salons in the world’.

Vogue US went even one step further and placed Neville’s nail services on their prestigious Sunday Spill list last year. Vogue L’Uomo followed us backstage at Singapore Fashion Week and published our musings in my two favourite languages…

So we were more than BritishVogue-ready for the night out in our favourite city. And we couldn’t wish
for the more landmark venue than Hotel Cafe Royal that is situated on the corner of Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus. In fact this place is a ‘a London legend reborn’ as it originated from Cafe Royal the most famous restaurant/bar in the history of our city for more than a century.
This place has seen it all and almost everybody, from Oscar Wilde to Winston Churchill, Virginia Woolf and Mick Jagger, writers, celebrities and Royalty of it’s time that can make any entrepreneur like myself envious about the client list. I only hope that one day when we summarise Neville salon’s history we can tell an equally impressing story and I promise you we do have quite a few to share.
Hotel Cafe Royal is the second member of The Set, a luxury hotel group with a difference which in so many ways matches Neville salon brand ethos. Our placement at their world famous Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Spa (with a dream-like swimming pool and some heavenly basement premises) for the Vogue Night Out meant that my team was able to accommodate the clients and be part of this global fashion event in a style that was a true unison of outstanding professionals and lifestyle brands. Everything from the setting to the hospitality helped by the Hotel Cafe Royal dream PR team was simply a perfection.
Most importantly, these events and the combination of all our skills in connection with fashion are meant to spread the message and make us all feel good which is also the essence of this blog and my message to you.
Until next time,
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