Neville’s V&A moment…

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‘It’s so quiet here’, observed our Parisian fashion friend upon visiting Neville’s team backstage at Jenny Packham’s V&A show recently. Accustomed to the usual hustle and bustle of high-end fashion events, it seemed that our team of hairstylists, fronted by cool-personified Stephen Low, exuded nothing but the calm before the motion.

‘Fashion in Motion’ to be precise, which is the much-coveted program that picks the greatest designers of our time every season and showcases their creations in the historic surroundings of the V&A’s Raphael Gallery.

Some of the fashion designers know exactly what we want and one of them is Jenny Packham whose designs have been seen in style-driven films and television productions (Sex and The City, Devil Wears Prada) or worn by celebrities (Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift) and even Royalty (The Duchess of Cambridge) Her dresses keep receiving universal acclaim and she seems to have brought delicate femininity back into the limelight.

Unapologetically glamorous Jenny Packham dresses have also found their way into my wardrobe for some special (red carpet) occasions…

There are also a few hard-and-fast rules in fashion. One that must be followed is that grooming, make-up and

styling should be a top-to-toe consideration with hair taking a starring role. In fashion, hair is of a paramount importance, a fact that was also acknowledged by V&A Jenny Packham’s production team.

The hairstyles that were chosen and coiffured by Neville’s team blended seamlessly with every dress that came down the catwalk. The complete ‘look’ seemed almost fragile and fairy-like with some free-flowing hair simply tided up on the back of the neck. It was the closest I’ve seen hair looking like a piece of art. The moment when ‘fashion in motion’ becomes really moving even to a pragmatic, business woman like myself!

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