Neville’s top 7 tips for the salon-shy gent

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Finally it’s not only acceptable but encouraged for men to take a bit more time looking after their appearance. Long gone are the days when a comb and splash of cheap aftershave were all that went into a male morning routine. However, this revolution has left some men a little confused, bamboozled by the sheer amount of advice and range of services to choose from.

As we continue to extend our male grooming range of treatments Neville and our Pont Street salon team shares the 7 things every salon-shy gent needs to know, explaining what you can do yourself and what needs an expert hand.


1. Make it a habit

The secret of looking immaculately groomed is simple: make taking care of yourself a routine. The one thing that men often get wrong time and again is waiting too long to get a haircut, don’t wait until your nape is a fuzzy mess or there are strands curling down over the top of your ears – make an appointment every 4 weeks. It should never look like you’ve just had a haircut.


2. Know your products

I often find clients are using completely the wrong product for their hair or skin type simply because it was the first to hand or the best advertised. Thick and full hair needs extra support from a styling wax or gel but if your hair is finer, you may only need a spray or very light gel. Similarly, you need to check moisturiser and cleanser bottles before buying. Soapy products will irritate dry skin and thick creams make oily skin greasy. If your skin is suffering with break-outs, tightness, dryness or any other sign of imbalance, visit my salon for a restorative and balancing facial plus some advice on the best products for you.


3. Exfoliate and moisturise

The best way to keep your face looking fresh is to scrub dead skin cells away with an exfoliant and keep it well hydrated with a good moisturiser. There’s plenty of choice on the market for both products; choose one that’s right for your skin and remember if you’re using a harsh exfoliator to limit use to once a week.


4. Look after your feet

Everyone knows that women look at your shoes. But now it’s summer and you’re in flip-flops, guess what they’re looking at… your feet! Toes don’t like being crammed in socks and boots all winter and if you don’t give them the attention they deserve they are going to look unkempt by the summer. Get your feet flip-flop ready with a salon pedi and leave it to an expert to rid you of unsightly dry skin and give your toenails a good shape. You can then keep up the good work with a quick rub with a pumice stone every morning in the shower.


5. Keep your beard in check

If you are spending good money on a hair cut once a month, don’t let it down with below-par facial hair. Beards and moustaches frame your mouth, the second most observed feature after eyes, and it’s therefore vital that you keep them looking at their best. Come to salon and let a trained hand create the right shape and length for your face –after it’s been done professionally it will be easier to maintain the shape at home. Then remember to shave the edges every couple of days to achieve a crisp finish.


6. Improve facial hair with shaping

We’ve talked about the importance of beard shape but the same applies to eyebrows and sideburns, too. If you want that suave finish you need to look after every facial feature otherwise the whole style will be spoiled. This doesn’t mean you need to spend hours a day in front of the mirror. Once you’ve achieved your initial shape at the salon it’s a matter of simply tweezing the strays and keeping shaved edges neat in the morning.


7. Don’t neglect ear, nose, and mono-brow hair

It’s funny that my younger clients are often the ones who let this slip. The older gent knows that hair can occasionally sprout from places it has no business being and so check and maintain regularly, but men as young as 30 can start to get rebellious hair growth. It doesn’t need drastic action, just keep your eye on the problem areas and have a pair of tweezers to hand.


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