Neville’s early spring in Monte Carlo and the shooting of The Italian Luxury Club (TILC) campaign

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……………………………..and yes, it was SO early that the sun in this famous ‘golden city’ came only once during my first visit to Monegasche Principality. It was somewhat disheartening to replace wintry London with equally weather-moody Monte Carlo, but the proximity of the sea and yachts resting lazily in the bay managed not only to relax my mind, also inspired me to add a few colours to my wardrobe palette. It was early March and somehow my whole being was craving summer, sunglasses and all.
Sunglasses were certainly ‘the look’ for the whole creative team behind the campaign shoot for The Italian Luxury Club. Neville’s presence and directorship of the shoot was something that I cherished doing especially because our team always works so well together on any given task or location. The campaign was initiated by my lovely ‘Italian girls’ and honorary sisters, Valentina and Silvia Cangiano, from the Style Lab consultancy who decided that Neville’s team would be a natural creative choice for the editorial which would help launch The Italian Luxury Club in May. I also had the enormous pleasure of meeting Mr Alessandro Mollo, one of the club’s owners, a charming, truly Italian gentleman with that unique penchant for luxury and epicurean lifestyle.

Elena & Silvia Cangiano

I really don’t know how we managed to fit everything into that never-ending March weekend – but we did. There was hair to be styled and clothes to be ironed, but also endless opportunities to meet bright and beautiful Monegasque soul-mates and sample some delicious food at the fabulous Zelo’s club and restaurant. As for the photo-shoot I keep getting feedback from the fashion professionals who were wondering why haven’t we used ‘real models’ in some kind of Dolce Gabanna-style editorial. This idea stayed with me and who knows? That might be something we will attempt to do next time  when we are going to be in Monaco again. I can’t wait for the 10th May, the opening ceremony of The Italian Luxury club. Stay tuned and stay well! Love, Elena x


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