Neville Hair & Beauty Creates the Hair Look for Couturissimo SS18 at London Fashion Week

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The Stylist:

Stephen Low, Creative Director at Neville Hair & Beauty Salon, represented by ELSL Management.


The Brief:

To create a look to complement the unconventional female protagonist who demands attention from the moment she storms into the room, trails ablaze. She sports long locks, a shaggy trim or a shaved head to complete a full couture gown ensemble. Above all, she’s tough and culturally diverse, capable of bringing her nonchalance and rockstar personality to the final essence: raw, contemporary and alluringly tempestuous – bopping along to Roxette without a care in the world.



How to achieve look:

 1-Prep the hair with Tecni.ART Beach Waves to create a slept-in texture before parting hair to the side.

2- Using a small or medium sized barrel depending on hair length, tong the hair section by section leaving the ends straight.

3- Blast hair with cold hairdyer to loosen curls.

4-  Apply Tecni.Art Next Day Hair on roots and ends. Massage in to scalp to create texture.

5-Let hair sit forward on the face to create a side fringe and secure with grip above ear.

6- For longer hair gather into a low ponytail and secure with elastic.

7- Finish with a light mist of infinium hairspray.


L’Oreal Professionnel Toolkit:

Tecni.ART Beach Waves

Tecni.ART Next Day Hair

Infinium Hairspray


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