Neville goes East

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When you read this my team and I will be at least 7 hours ahead of you and most probably working on the looks for the international event of the season – Singapore’s Fashion Week 13. Yes, we are in a simply breathtaking Singapore and partnering with Fide Fashion Weeks as their ‘Official Hair Sponsor’ throughout this 10 day event which will see over 30 menswear, womenswear and Couture shows in one place like never before.

My Neville team has been preparing for this eastern adventure for months but just before our trip we’ve managed to co-organise a Press Breakfast at our new salon at the Bvlgari hotel in London. Selected media guests were treated to the tour of the salon and also duly briefed about our unique partnering with creme-de la crème of Singapore fashion & business making Neville the first independent salon in history to support the international fashion event of this magnitude.

It takes a true vision on the part of one organisation to recognize not only our expertise as a salon but also the importance of hair-styles in the language of fashion presentation and imagery. And if Paris has couture, London has the truly masterful and iconic hairstylists that this time in Singapore are working together on those bespoke looks. What can I tell you, we are in fashion heaven and it doesn’t get better than this…


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