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Our styling at The Ralph & Russo SS15 Paris Haute Couture showhas already gained so much incredible press – and the media, this time, hasn’t forgotten to acknowledge the ‘bohemian, loosely scooped bun’ that was created by Stephen Low and my team from Neville Hair & Beauty for our fellow London-based couture house. It’s been exactly a year since we first collaborated with Ralph & Russo at Paris Haute Couture shows and I am beyond ecstatic that Neville Hair & Beauty continues to be their preferred choice when it comes to immaculate hair.

Our show at the magnificent Grand Palais was a perfect ending to Haute Couture Week in Paris with the front row that instantly made headlines around the globe.


One of the special guests was Cheryl Cole who famously wore a Ralph & Russo SS14 gown at her wedding, emulating the entire catwalk look, from toe to hair. I’ve been wondering whether she knew that the hair style that she re-created for her big day was the vision of my top stylist, Stephen Low.

And that we would gladly do it for her for any other special occasion.

For the next summer season Ralph & Russo played with all things floral taking references from Boticell’s Primavera and Pussin’s Realm of Flora artwork. It was a midsummer dream, fairy-tale look for the awakening , playful young woman. And if the shape of the collection was recognisably prim and structured, the hair was exuberant in its loosely scooped bun gently hand-touched together. It was the hair-effect that brought real emotion to the entire catwalk look and one of the real gems of Stephen Low’s vision. It was the touch of his sensitivity as an artist that was truly visible in that youthful and light fairy-bun, something that’s very much evolving into his signature style. And he is such a role-model to the rest of my team who follow his lead and gentle manner which I find very touching to observe.


 Stephen Low backstage

It’s also very hard for me not feel buoyant after all the amazing shows and editorials we’ve worked on since the beginning of the year. I am really content with the fact that my team has truly matured and that they work together so well, whether they are hair-stylists, make-up or manicure professionals brought together by my ELSL Management agency. We’ve also managed to prove a few people wrong and produce stellar work once again for all our clients which has always been the result of our combined team effort with our vision of pure excellence in mind.


Cristian Pignatta backstage

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All Images by Maxime Lenik.


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