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London fashion week has always been an opportunity for my team to showcase their amazing talent.

With fashion being very close to my heart it’s important for me that this is an area that we excel as a team, that we push creative boundaries and that we compliment the incredible designers with the looks we create.

So when we were asked to lead the hair this season for two more amazing shows. Of course; we were extremely honoured.


The Neville session team, led by Stephen Low, kicked off the AW17 season with Eudon Choi, a show we have been supporting for a number of seasons.  The look was a boyish modern pony this season and complimented the simplicity and minimalistic vibe of his collection.

See below how to create the Euden Choi look:

1. Begin by creating a low side parting and comb using TecniArt-Volume Architect.

2. Then, blow dry through to smooth out all unwanted frizz.

3. Next,  use TecniArt-Fix design through the top section with TecniArt Liss Control serum to give an extreme sheen control and hold.

4. To complete, brush down, tuck behind the ears and discretely secure a low pony.


Friday afternoon took us over to the Ballroom at the Langham hotel for the DAKS show.  A truly British brand reflecting the sophistication of British fashion. The hair look was soft, fluid, feminine and effortless whilst the collection took inspiration from the London Sky, reminding us that it’s notall grey.

See below the Step by Step below of how to achieve the DAKS look.

1. Begin by prepping the Hair with TecniArt French Girl Hair
2. Then, blow-dry the lengths using fingers to smooth whilst keeping the ends straight.
3. Next, using a large tongue, create subtle bends in the hair and leave the ends natural and straight.
4. Use TecniArt Super Dust on the roots and lengths and gently massage the top section to create natural bedhead texture.


Our second day took us to Mary Ward house for the much anticipated palmer harding presentation. Drawing inspiration from an old photograph of gothic days gone by, the show had a moody, dark and abstract feel. The hair the team created reflected the unkept gothic trend. See below how to achieve the Palmer Harding AW17 look:

1. Part hair naturally with hands on whatever side suits the model best
2. Apply wild Tecni Art Beach Waves to mid lengths and ends.
3. Twist length and diffuse dry to create natural texture.
4. Work through top section, applying a mixture of density paste and liss control + serum on roots to create an oily texture.
5. Repeat Step 4 on sides using fingers only to create a natural lift.

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