Men’s Grooming


Let our team of experts cut, trim and razor the perfect result. Combine with a classic Neville wash and style for a flawless finish.

From £70 | Neville: £110 | Stephen:£110 | Senior Stylist: £90



We are experts in men’s hair. The appointment will start with a consultation during which the shape of face and lifestyle are considered to achieve the optimal style to suit you.



Homme Cover is a hair colouring system designed specifically for men, offering natural yet subtle results. Applied in just a few minutes, Homme Cover will gently blend away any greys, leaving you with natural looking hair. Work with your stylist to enhance your natural texture by adding BESPOKE free hand colour. This simple yet effective technique will be designed to match your individuality and style.

From £80.



Make yours a face not to be missed. A darker colour on brows and lashes catches the eye and draws attention to eyes and face, which can’t be a bad thing!

Eyebrow Tint £15

Eyelash Tint £21

Eyebrow Shape £25



It’s ok, there’s hair there. But no one wants to see it. Except us of course. Leave it to the experts to make your treatment complete with a discreet ear hair and nose hair removal treatment.




This ancient practice stimulates nerves and reflex areas in the hands, feet or face. Benefits range from reducing wrinkles to promoting deep relaxation or energizing the body. The treatment is completely tailored to your needs, with a detailed health history taken beforehand. It is suitable for all ages and tangible benefits are experienced incredibly quickly.

Art hand and foot reflexology: encourages the body to relax completely, enabling to heal itself. It helps to reduce stress and includes deep relaxation, improves circulation and eliminates toxins, rebalancing the whole system.

Facial reflexology: Improves circulation, energy, nerve function, lymphatic drainage and muscle tone in the face. These all contribute to a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

FROM £50 (30 MINS)
FROM £70 (45 MINS)
FROM £90 (60MINS)
FEET & HANDS £120 (1 ½ HOURS)


The real key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. This treatment exfoliates and promotes healthy blood flow, strengthening and improving hair condition and growth.


Stop the Clock! This world-renowned treatment is brand new to the UK. It painlessly combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields and is proven to smooth lines and tighten skin so you can look just as young as you feel.


Embrace your sandals! A man-strength treatment for hard worn feet. A painless acid bath is used to soften hard and unattractive skin so that it can be quickly and effectively removed. We then turn our attention to the toes – shaping nails and cuticles to leave you with feet to be proud of this summer.  



Whether it be a calming and relaxing head massage or a deeper, body-reshaping treatment we have exactly what you need at Neville. We have taken the very best massage practices from around the world so we can offer you a fantastic and personalized service fit to your needs.
Indian head massage – to ease away the stress of busy lifestyles whilst promoting healthy hair-growth 30 MINS FROM £55, 45 mins from £70, 60 mins from £90

Chinese foot massage – a vigorous massage to target tension points and leave you with a spring in your step FROM £90 (60 MINS)

Kansa vatki foot massage – This treatment improves blood and lymphatic circulation whilst calming and relaxing, throughout a small metal kansa vatki bowl vigorously rubbed on feet and legs to remove toxins.

The Japanese cosmo lifting facial massage – This neuro-sensorial procedure is a combination of healing the skin and mind whilst lifting and toning the face. The Japanese cosmo lift improves circulation, eliminates of toxins, oxygenates tissue and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Following a continuous treatment, this sort of therapy can reduce wrinkles and flaccidity, whilst improving the texture of the skin, it also helps to eliminate spots and acne. FROM £90 (60MINS)


For the man who has everything – give a Neville voucher!

Why not pick up some Neville currency – the perfect gift for a man who knows his own mind and likes to choose his own grooming services. Available in £20, £50 and £100 notes from our Pont Street salon.

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