It’s a New York state of hair… and heart

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‘I know that you’ve been waiting for my impressions from New York Fashion Week in September and that unique state of mind every time I happen to be in this incredible city. It was the second appearance at the Lincoln centre for my Neville team of true hair-artists and the fourth collaboration with Lie Sang Bong, the designer whose creative vision complements our own on so many levels.

Mr Lie’s SS15 collection was a celebration of life and joy despite being dedicated to children who recently lost their lives in the Korean sea and I have to say that this underlying story have transported my Neville team in surreal state of mind even backstage. It added that extra element of spirituality that is so rarely seen or felt at international fashion presentations these days because it was about a genuine emotion and the sentiment.


I’ve also been blessed to have on my team Stephen Low whose creativity as well as his personal demeanour is one of pure gentleness and sensitivity that is so rare among celebrated hairdressers of today. He is all about work and inner-emotion that he is channelling into the most heart-stopping creations seen in hairstyle both in salon and in session work. And when he is working with designers such as Lie Sang Bong who is both a couturier and a ready-to-wear craftsman Stephen is truly running his talent on all cylinders and beyond.


For this show we were working with our colleagues from New York that Stephen and I love and respect very much. It was amazing to see how much passion for hair could unite the continents. It looked like they’ve always worked together. They didn’t even need to speak..Stephen’s glance was enough for them to understand every move and most importantly the final look for the hair. As always ‘the finish’ was just flawless and complemented the designer’s in its essence.


The achievement that I feel each time we get to New York Fashion Week is incredible. It’s hard for me to believe that my Neville team has managed to get there through the strength of our work, and that we are able to do what we love the most in the world in one of the most important fashion cities on the planet.

The trust, the respect and the honour that we’ve got as a London salon wasn’t just a rare beat of that big NY heart. It was real.

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