NEVILLE HAIR AND BEAUTY is proud to announce the launch of FACEGYM,  the original non-invasive facial workout and the UK’s only gym studio for the face in their flagship salon in BELGRAVIA.

FACEGYM launches a full range of advanced facial workouts and add on’s – the perfect complement to your next colour, cut or blow dry!








“For the festive party season”  Get the ultimate A-Lister glow this festive period. A combination of FaceGym’s unique electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device that emits mild, yet forceful electrical waves to stimulate muscles and restore skin’s elasticity with the famous 24 karat gold mask from Mimi Luzon for an immediate lift and radiance. £110 – 60 min



A combination face workout comprised of a cleanse, express workout with rollers and contouring using our electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device. Results are sealed with a collagen boosting cocktail of A+C+D vitamins, a blast of Cryo Oxygen and skincare products by Zelens. £140 – 50min



Cryo Oxygen Booster £40 – 10min

“Glow starter” Mega Illuminating Mask £30 – 10min

FG Pro Lift & Sculpt £30 – 10 min

Hydrating Eye Mask £10 – 10 min



Cocktail (Serum + Vitamin C + Hyaluronic) £35 –15 min

Royal Fern Serum £25 – 10 min

Zelens Serum £25 – 10 min

Dr Levy Serum £30 – 10min

Impacted with ultrasound




Signature “Your weekly must have”

Comprised of a warm up, cardio, strength and cool down, this high-intensity circuit performed by your personal ‘face trainer’ is the ultimate non-invasive facial workout. Fast whipping detoxifies skin while deep sculpting strokes tone and contour face muscles leaving skin toned and energized. A quick all round face workout to squeeze into your lunch break! £45 – 30min


The Chairman

“Deep cleanse and face work for the Mr”

Tailored to men, a sonic cleanse and high intensity workout to detox the face, reduce puffiness, sculpt and tone with a beard conditioner for those sporting some stubble. Special attention is placed on the neck area ensuring any tech neck symptoms dissipate before heading back to the boardroom. £55 – 30min


Signature Electrical

“Re discover your features”

Amp up your Signature workout with our unique electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device that emits mild, yet forceful electrical waves to stimulate muscles, contour cheekbones and restore skin’s elasticity. See an instant lift in just one session! £90 – 40min


Holiday Skin

“The perfect pre or post vacation reset”

Our bestselling all round advanced workout to detox skin, tone and tighten face muscles, boost collagen and restore elasticity while sculpting away face fat and reducing puffiness. Upgrade and treat pigmentation with one of our custom peels so all you keep are the memories, not the wrinkles! £200 – 75min


The Hollywood Lunchtime Lift

“A powerful wrinkle eraser ”

Our most advanced wrinkle eraser and skin tightening workout that works fast to combat fine lines and wrinkles. This is combined with a soothing, lymphatic drainage workout and a potent customised skin cocktail from our “open beauty lab” to give visible results in one session. For a total skin transformation 4 to 6 sessions are recommended. £230 – 40min





Cryo Oxygen workout

“Freeze wrinkles in a flash”

Freeze wrinkles in a flash! A high pressure shot of frozen CO2 that’s delivered with a powerful concentration of atomised active ingredients followed by an express workout to tone, tighten and contour facial muscles. Expect minimized pores, fine line reduction, radiance, hydration and plumping like no other! £80 – 30min


Front Row Face

“Up all night but still glowing”

The supermodel favourite, this non-invasive workout ensures a deep clean and medical peel to remove any dead skin cells followed by a potent cocktail of customised vitamins and probiotics from our “open beauty lab” deeply impacted using our ultrasound device for the ultimate front row glow.£150 – 50min


High Definition 3D Radio Frequency

“The ultimate in skin tightening”

A hard working, face sculpting, jaw defining workout using our powerful Radio Frequency device which visibly lifts, tightens sagging skin and reduces fat around the chin area, followed by a deep facial workout that penetrates your custom prescription from the “open beauty lab” into the skin. This is the most advanced non-invasive tightening and lifting workout with pain free with results that improve over weeks to come! £170 – 60min (book a course of 4 for £540)





Yoga workout

“Relaxing hands-only chakra workout”

If sun salutations are more your thing, try this slower paced, relaxing workout with a focus on deep stretching to ease out tension, open chakras and work on your pressure points. All you have to do is lie back and take a savasana! £50 – 30min


Runner face

“Lift your cheeks off the pavement”

Whether you are running a marathon or 5k, pounding the pavements in harsh weather conditions can take its toll on your skin. This lifting, sculpting regimen uses a combination of our Face Ball, Radio Frequency and a deep facial workout, designed especially for runners to combat sagging skin. £95 50min


Bump workout

“For Mummy’s to be”

The perfect ‘all natural’ workout for mums to be, comprised of a gentle cleanse, cardio and sculpt, using 100% natural oils from the “open beauty lab” specially formulated to prevent pigmentation and boost elasticity followed by a hydrating custom blended mask and neck and shoulder massage. We recommend an Organic Honey essential oil mask for the ultimate nourishing treatment. £65 – 45min (buy your mummy a course to see her through the pregnancy)


Hangover Cure

“A Bloody Mary for your face”

A lymphatic drainage workout to reduce puffiness that uses our FaceBall to release tension, smooth lines and revive tired eyes – taking you from walk of shame to saintliness. We detox and drain away excess fluid with our signature cardio workout then blast away the night before with a hydrating Oxygen shot to infuse the skin with vitamins and revive your natural glow. £60-40min


The Jet Lag Cure

“Pre or Post flight Fix”

A great ‘pre or post flight’ fix designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage, hydrate skin and de-puff with a lifting, toning and tightening regimen, topped off with a high-pressure shot of CO2 to revive lifeless skin.£125 – 40 min




RF lip or eye – 5 minute £30

RF one area – 15 minute £80


FG Pro 15 mins  £20

FG cardio 10 mins £20

Royal fern 15 mins £25

Dr. Levy 15 mins £25

Scalp massage 10 mins £20

Neck massage 10 mins £20

Cryo Oxygen shot 10mins £50

Eye mask 10 mins £10

Sonic cleanse 10 mins £20

Obagi blue peel 15 min £50




HD3D £540

Holiday Skin £640

Hollywood Lunchtime £740


6 WORKOUTS FOR £440 – SAVE £70

 5 Signature Electrical workouts and 1 Signature workout

Includes a £15 voucher redeemable against product or treatment

All beauty boosters are a flat fee of £15


FaceGym offer a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.